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tv   Today  NBC  January 29, 2013 7:00am-11:00am PST

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but bewildereded drivers and tas resources to the breaking point. rescue workers pushed patients on luggage carts to waiting squadrons of choppers, others plucked from rooftops by a team of civilian and military helicopters as the river rose and rose in massive flooding by cyclone oswald. a tiny avook wevacuee hoisted t safety. around the clock, hundreds of men, will, and children rushed to safety.
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>> she slept throw the whole thing. >> reporter: this neighborhood, two miles outside the center of brisbane, flooded in 2011, a once in a century flood, but two years later, it happened again. andrew brady just moved here. >> i feel how can it happen again? >> reporter: last flood, he volunteered to dig out others, now they are calling to return the favor. >> this is called flood proofing. satellite phones in the desert this is our flood phone. samsung flood phone. >> reporter: those friends, those volunteers worked so hard and got so dirty in the cleanup, they got nicknamed the mud army. you can bet blah toons of them back in action this afternoon the platoon of volunteers. it will be a massive cleanup. >> thank you so much. now here is matt. savannah thank you. president obama hits the road to talk about immigration reform. the trip comes a day after a bipartisan group of senators unveiled their plan for dealing
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with the roughly 11 million undocumented people living here in the united states. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker with more. good morning. >> matt, good morning. president obama will give new details to the policies he first mapped out two years ago, and he will call on congress to pass on an immigration reform bill quickly. >> everybody in? >> reporter: president obama putting the spotlight on immigration reform today. a campaign promise echoed in his inaugural address. >> our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see america as a land of opportunity. >> reporter: the president turning up the heat on congress, by taking his case to nevada. where latinos make up 27% of the population. l luis will be in the audience, undocumented immigrants working to gain citizenship. >> we need to feel free in this country.
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freedom in this country, what this country presumes to be. >> reporter: the president's remarks will mirror a speech he gave two years ago in el paso, texas. causing for stronger border security. >> being a nation of laws goes hand in hand with being a nation of immigrants. >> reporter: white house officials also praising the proposal of a bipartisan group of senators announced monday. lawmakers say now is the time to tackle immigration. >> we have been too content for too long to allow individuals to mow our lawn, serve our food, clean our homes and even watch our children, while not affording them any of the benefits that make our country so great. >> reporter: the plan would require undocumented immigrants seeking a green card and eventually citizenship to register with the federal government. pay fines and back taxes, undergo criminal background checks and learn english. all of that is contingent on
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border security being strengthened. >> we have to ensure we don't do anything that encourages people to come here illegally in the future. >> we believe this will be the year congress finally gets it done. >> reporter: analysts say with the power of hispanic voters growing rapidly, the politics are right. >> the fact in washington both parties can get together to present a framework of something that could finally deal with all of the different aspects of immigration is really a big step forward. >> now, for years, washington has tried to pass immigration reform and failed and there is no guarantee that lawmakers will be successful this time around. for one, the president's plan is expected to differ with the senate's plan. there is still a lot of opposition in congress to many of the proposals being discussed.
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we are joined now by former vice presidential gore. you will sit down in a lot of chairs like this to promote this book. is this something you relish or dread? >> i am looking forward to it. i feel passionate about the message in this book. fascinating about looking at the future, trying to see what is on the horizon, die that with compa bunch of other big challenges. >> do you miss politics? the chance to weigh in on other big issues you said i'm a recovering politician and the chances of relapse have been diminishing long enough that i won't suck -- succumb to that temptation. you don't miss it? >> there are some things i miss about it. but one of the themes is our democracy has been hacked.
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that's a computer term, of course, that implies control of the way our political system works has been taken over. in this case by big money, corporations as persons, big money donors. and this is degrading the quality of our democracy. >> as a result, a lot of things that need to get accomplished aren't getting accomplished. when president obama in his second inaugural address talked about the need to work on climate change, you applauded that. you have been critical of the president over the last four years, saying he did not get things done. here are your words. senators in both parties said that passage of the climate plan might have been within reach, but it seemed to them president obama was not prepared to make the all-out effort that would have been necessary to build a coalition in support of the plan. so are you saying that when he talked about it, president obama talked the talk, but unwilling
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to walk the walk on climate change. >> a lot of truth to that, but there were a lot of factors to take into account. first of all, let me say what he said in his inaugural address last week, i thought was fantastic, and it was the first issue he talked about. spent more time on that unanimous anything else? >> will it get done? >> that's possible. but he put his commitment out there. i remember the first time in carthage, tennessee, the first time i went off the high dive, the first step was climbing the long ladder up the board. and then i had to go off it. i was about five years old. i think making the kind of commitment he did is comparable. he's put his presidency behind this issue now and in his first term, even though, yes, he fell short, he ended up doing more than any previous president, and the opposition has been very difficult. but look at your first story about the flooding in australia.
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today is the three-month anniversary of superstorm sandy here. two years ago in my home city, nashville, massive flooding. it's like a nature hike through the book of revelation every day now, and people are connecting the dots. >> you are joining us in our 8:00 hour. some other headlines you made of late. sold current tv, the network you cofounded, to al gentleman jeer gentlem jazeera. was that always an investment to you? i thought it was something you had an ideological investment in. why did it come to money at the end? >> well, it didn't. i'm proud of what my partner and i did with current tv. won every major award in television journalism. really proud of it. as an independent network. the only independent news and
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information network, we found it difficult to compete in this age of conglomerates, and i'm pleased that al jazeera has established itself as a news gathering network. >> but you blasted other news television series for with this. virtually every news and political commentary program on television is sponsored in part by oil, coal and gas companies. not just during campaign seasons, but all the time, year in and year out. with messages designed to soothe and reassure the audience that everything is fine, the global market is not threatened, and the critics jumped. isn't there a contradiction? >> i understand that criticism. i disagree with it. i think al jazeera has obviously long since established itself as a really distinguished and
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effective news gathering organization. and by the way, its climate coverage, far more extensive and of high quality than any of the networks here. >> if they get funding from a country that bases its wealth on fossil fuels and fossil fuels are the enemy, you targeting climate change, isn't there a bit of hypocrisy. >> i get the criticism. i just disagree with it. because this network has established itself, its objective, won major awards in countries around the world and its climate coverage as i said a moment ago, outstanding and extensive. >> you are on the board of apple. the company going through difficult times. stock is falling, dropped below the mark cap of exxonmobil. are you worried as a board member about the future of apple? >> i think it's a fantastic company. of all steve jobs' creations, the iphone, mac, ipad, et cetera. the greatest was apple itself.
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tim cook is doing a fantastic job, the executive team and the employees there. >> he can carry this company to the future? >> absolutely. to put it in perspective, this earnings report was i think the second largest earnings report in the history of the world business. so it's a great company, and doing extremely well. >> much more on washington, much more on the book and your life these days. al gore, see you in about 45 minutes. >> looking forward to it. >> here is savannah. the boy scouts in america on the verge of a fundamental change on gay scouts and leaders. justice correspondent pete williams has more. >> good morning, savannah. the national board of directors to the boy scouts is actively considering a change to the ban of gay scouts and leaders. it is predicted to pass. it would be a fundamental change for an organization that for
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decades has fought against allowing gays in. considering such a move to be a violation of the scout oath, requiring scouts to be morley straight. if approved, the new policy would end the national ban on gay scouts and scouts leaders and let local troops decide for themselves. in a statement, the boy scouts say members and parents would be able to choose a local unit which best meets the needs of their families. that's welcome news to zack walls, an eagle scout from iowa who told the democratic national convention last summer about being raised by two mothers. >> there's been such a groundswell of local leaders all over the country, who have been calling for an end to the ban because they thought this policy was hurting their local level. it alienates young people. >> reporter: the anti gay policy prompted big corporations, including ups, to end their financial support for scouting and some local scout leaders have pushed for a nunc discrimination policy. >> i think it caught a lot of families offguard when the boy
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scouts of america came out and reaffirmed their ban on gay and lesbian individuals. and a lot of us feel strongly that's not right. >> reporter: james dale sued the boy scouts when he was let go as a scout leader after he publicly said he's gay. a case the scouts won before the u.s. supreme court. he says the new policy which would still allow some troops to exclude gay members, isn't enough. >> the boy scouts have to make sure they are teaching america and in step with american values of equality and not discriminating. >> reporter: but more than half of the nation's local scouting organizations are sponsored by churches. the southern baptist convention calls the potential policy change deeply disappointing. >> we want to be respectful for everyone, but we want respect for us, to those who might be held to a biblical form of morality. >> reporter: the board meets in texas next week to vote. if the new policy is approved it would take effect june 1st. >> pete williams in washington, thank you.
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let's get a check of other top stories with gnat ly natali. telling new details showing how a nightclub in santa maria, brazil, became a deadly fire trap. we have more. >> reporter: the demand for answers are growing here. vigils held overnight for the more than 230 dead. this woman mourned for the friend they lost.
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>> he goes to the bathroom, 30 seconds later the smoke, the fire starts, and i don't see him again. >> reporter: she fell to the floor, trampled, but escaped. >> i'm very happy i'm here, but not so much that he's not. >> outside the nightclub, panic, desperate rescues and now questions. >> a little bit. i don't know how i feel. about it. >> reporter: today she will talk to the police. four people have been arrested, including the club's owners. the country's president declaring it must never happen again. and overnight, the number of flowers here has doubled. there are pictures of the victims, but, natalie, the grief that has overwhelmed this community is turning to anger. >> all right. thanks, kier. three months after superstorm sandy tore through
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the northeast, congress has passed a bill to provide $50 billion in emergency funds to victims of the devastation. the storm killed more than 130 people and wracked up billions in damages. the u.s. air force searching for one of its own after losing contact with an f-16 jet over the adriatic sea. they are working with the italian coast guard in a search and rescue for the pilot. now let's head to wall street. >> good morning. the january rally took a bit of a breather on monday. the s & p 500 snapping an eight-day winning streak. dow ending its six-day rally. when it comes to trading today, investors will look to home price data and consumer confidence from ford, eli lily, and amazon to steer trading decisions. >> thank you. barbara walters, in a new york hospital with a case of the chicken pox.
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the tv icon has been hospitalized for a fall last week. and suffering the lingering fever. walters' co-hosts on "the view" say she hopes to go home soon. all the best. a statement win at torrey pines. tiger woods won by four shots. he called the win a nice way to start the year. i'll say. 7:19 right now. you're up to date. back to savannah, matt and al. >> we want to pass along our best wishes to barbara walters for a speedy recovery. >> a storm on the horizon. >> tornado watches up this morning. a volatile situation in our nation's midsection, vigorous jet stream. warm, moist air. cold air behind it, low pressure combined. tornado watches for central oklahoma, including oklahoma city, until 12:00 noon.
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you can see storms firing up. a risk of strong storms today, later this afternoon, into this evening in much of arkansas, northern louisiana, and southern missouri. we are looking for rainfall amounts anywhere two to three inches of rain. the back side of the system has a lot of cold air with it, and it could bring 6 to 9 inches of snow from iowa to upper michigan. we'll get to your local forecast, but first, this message. look i can do -- hold on -- i'm watching this. i'm getting dizzy... [ male announcer ] it's not complicated. doing two things at once is better. and only at&t's network lets you talk and surf on your iphone 5. ♪
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we'll see hour by hour temperatures passi inin inin ii in upper 50s and 60s. tomorrow through friday we'll see warmer temperatures mid 60s throughout the bay and maybe even close to 70 near the coast on thursday and friday and partly cloudy skies as we head through the super bowl weekend. >> and t >> and that's your latest weather. but first, this is "today" on
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coming up, a change that makes airport pickups fun, if you can believe that. why one of europe's most
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oakland's police chief ready to talk about recent shootings involving city police officers. last week an officer was attacked by three men and shot in the arm. then on friday another officer was shot while confronting a man with a gun. both are expected to survive. chief jordan will address yesterday's shooting involving an 8-year-old girl hit outside of her home during a drive-by shooting. that girl is expected to be okay. police right now still looking for the suspect. christina loren has the day off. rob mayeda is in for her today to give you your tuesday forecast. good morning. >> not a bad start to the day. gorgeous sunrise. 30s and 40s outside and you can see high clouds dropping in from north to south. this is on the eastern flank of a ridge of high pressure which is building back toward the west coast today. that's going to crank up north winds heading into the afternoon and our temperatures not too bad. partly cloudy. upper 50s to low 60s today. once we get past the day looks like 60s bay area wide and close to 70 out on presidethe coast t
7:26 am
into friday. cooling into the low 60s by sunday. mike? >> this just in as they say in our business. hang on for a second. there's a new crash reported westbound. your commute direction across that richmond/san rafael bridge past the toll plaza. it is blocking one lane. we'll track that on twitter and facebook and in the local cut-ins. san mateo bridge here. smooth flow across the water but on either side issues here. the peninsula side first on our maps. wee see the slowdown which started after two crashes north of 92. those have both cleared. look at the slowing in both directions on the 92 bett interchange. south 880 earlier crash cleared at 92. that cleared and everyone from hayward down in through fremont heading down toward mission boulevard. 680 slow because of volume of traffic and there's your northbound slowing for south
7:27 am
bay. capital expressway and 280 jamming up and 85 slow in toward the 280 interchange. >> get up to the minute traffic. we'll be back in half hour. see you then. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome. but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese,
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volkswagen's new super bowl ad for the beetle in a moment and why some think it may be effective and others think it may be offensive. we'll ask your opinion on that one. i'm matt lauer alongside savannah guthrie and al roker and natalie morales. >> do you dread waiting at the airport? who doesn't. the waiting and endless circling and some may be offering changes to may make it a more exciting place. >> more friendly place. that's good. country singer mindy mcconcremopens up about the death of her boyfriend first ruled out as murder suicide and now murder hasn't been ruled out. and microsoft bill gates will open up where technology is headed, the global reach of his charitable foundation and much more, bill gates live tomorrow
7:30 am
morning right here on "today." we will begin this half hour with the new super bowl ad from volkswagen. >> the car acadecompany has had hits and this year's spot is already getting a lot of attention. >> i hate mondays. >> yeah. they're the worst. >> no worry, man, having will be all right! >> yeah, man. >> don't fret. sticky bun comes soon. >> yeah, wicked coffee, mr. jim. julia, turn the frown the other way around. >> hey, dick, you're from minnesota, right? >> yes, i, the land of 10,000 licks, the gopher state. >> in conclusion, things are pretty dismal. >> you know what this room needs? a smile. who wants to come along?
7:31 am
>> ♪ a song we're singing come on get happy ♪ >> you guys are three minutes late. >> don't be no cloud on a sunny day. >> chill. >> what? >> respect. >> that's the power of german engineering. >> from volkswagen's marketing officer tim mahoney we did our homework to make sure we weren't offensive and did research to make sure we weren't going in a direction we didn't want to go and volkswagen consulted about 1 100 jamaicans and consulted a speech coach. >> while some think the ad is funny, others think it is offensive. charles from another network said i don't like it at all, like black face with voices. we want to bring in an ad expert. >> barbara is editor of media at large. >> i was shocked. didn't any look at this? this is so racist. my problem is there's no link to
7:32 am
voklkswagen volkswagen, a german car and showing happy people because they have black accents. just saying black people are happy! >> i take a completely different view of it, i have to be honest. i thought if you buy this car, it puts you in a happy place. what's happier than memories we have on being on beautiful islands on island time, that's the way i took it. >> it kind of has that jar jar bi binkx from "star wars" and doesn't make any sense. >> my son just graduated from college and thought it was hilarious, thought it was "cool runs" and fun hi to put that voy voice in minnesota tans. >> in case it is thought of as controversy, they have a backup. sometimes controversy is good. is this the kind that is good for it? >> this is where social media saved their lives. i would bet they would run the
7:33 am
other ad. last time with the tiny dart, it ate up the internet. this one is a mistake in judgment and run another funny ad and say this is just a teaser and loved the other one. >> they will have german accents. you will enjoy it! >> the teaser was wonderful, showed people in a parity of the coke ad running up a mountain happy and all the people famous from the internet. >> if you're a betting woman you say that ad will never see the light of day on the super bowl. >> that's what i bet. >> the rest of you? >> i'm officially neutral. >> switzerland. >> switzerland. >> given all the controversy, controversy sometimes can be go good. >> barbara, thank you. appreciate it. what do you think? does the jamaican flavor of this ad go too far? go to and give us your opinion of what our polling has to say. >> a check of the weather.
7:34 am
>> that's a -- let's see what we have for you, talking about lack of snow, boston has 22 inches of snow usually gotten 8 1/2 inches and going into the midwest, cleveland should have 35 inches of snow, only 20. chicago, less than 3 inches of snow given normally we would have about 20-inches by this time of year, may see a little bit more snow in 36 >> a pretty nice start to the morning around the bay area. looking to the east across the bay, you can see the sun reflecting off the waters. high clouds going on by. right now still 30s and 40s outside. by lunchtime should be mid 50s and eventually some low 60s and upper 50s around the bay area today. today likely to be the coolest in the next seven days. temperatures will climb up. everyone getting into the 60s next few days. mid to upper 60s possible thursday into friday. and then a few extra clouds and cooler this weekend.
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>> that's your latest weather. all right. coming up, the latest in the investigation of the death of the country star, mindy. and then a change in cell phone parking lots. a change for the better coming up after this. comi [ male announcer ] when you're at the corner of "i'm a new parent" and "i have no idea what i'm doing," you need a hand. well, walgreens is innovating to help. by making prescription refills this easy.
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we're back now at 7:40 with new questions in the death of mindy mccready's boyfriend. did he take his life earlier this month or was he murdered? in little rock, arkansas, andrea canning is in little rock, arkansas. >> mindy mccready says she just wants to be able to grieve properly but says the sheriff is on a witch hunt. the sheriff says he just wants to keep the case open until more forensic testing can be done. >> he didn't just -- he didn't just touch my heart. he touched my soul. he was my soul mate. >> reporter: mindy mccready's life will never be the same after she says her boyfriend, david wilson, took his own life on the front porch of their
7:40 am
arkansas lake house. >> i've never gone through anything this painful. nor will i ever again go through anything this painful. >> reporter: the couple fell in love over music. he was a producer and she was once on top of the country charts with songs like "guys do it all the time ♪ ♪ guys do it all the time >> reporter: her early success was followed by a downward spiral of addiction, arrest and jail time. she made headlines again in 2011, after going on the run with her son, xander, in the d midst of a custody battle. then everything changed the night of january 13th. >> i started screaming, calling 911. i laid down next to him. i just pleaded with him not to die. >> reporter: was he able to say anything? was he able to see you? were his eyes open?
7:41 am
>> he was responding. >> with words or with a touch? >> sounds. >> reporter: initially, law enforcement officials only said they had responded to a report of a suicide. the local sheriff now tells nbc news the investigation into the cause of death is ongoing and murder has not been ruled out. mccready is not a suspect. she admits they did argue that night about personal issues. there have been reports out there that david was having an affair. >> david was not having an affair with another woman. that is absolutely, totally untrue. >> reporter: a published report has raised questions about the shooting, including why the bullet wasn't found until a day later. >> i didn't find it. the dog did. it was in the dog's mouth. i mean, that's a horrific thing to say, but it was in the dog's mouth. >> reporter: for the record, did you kill david? did you shoot david? >> oh, my god! no. oh, my god, no!
7:42 am
he was my life. we were each other's life. >> reporter: do you, 100% believe that david killed himself? >> i -- i don't know. >> do you think he could have been murdered? >> i don't know. >> reporter: you have been through so much pain and heartache in your life and, honestly, your life almost plays like a country music song. >> i just keep telling myself that the more suffering that i go through, the greater character i'll have. >> reporter: once again we want to say mindy mccready is not a suspect in this case. there are no suspects in this case at this time. tests from the arkansas crime lab are due back in a couple of weeks. the sheriff says he will be able to make a determination at that point if this is murder or suicide. matt? >> you'll be following this story for "dateline." by the way, you can catch a
7:43 am
special edition of "dateline" 10:00, 9:00 central time here on nbc. up next, we'll switch gears and give you a reason why you'll want to pick someone up at the airport in the near future. that's right after this. the craving for chocolate...] oooh. [ female announcer ] all grown up. oooh. [ female announcer ] jared presents beautiful, natural levian chocolate diamonds and chocolate cultured south sea pearls. levian is the only company on earth to make jewelry with chocolate diamonds. levian -- the leading family in jewelry -- from ancient royalty to today's red carpet. you will only find these styles at jared. levian chocolate diamonds, they're anything...but vanilla. that's why he went to jared... the galleria of jewelry.
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♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker. today is going to be epic. quaker up. back now at 7:47 with the netherlands popular queen beatrice, abdicating the throne to pass it on to her son. michelle kosinski has the story. >> reporter: the last abdication was king edward in the 1930s. in the netherlands, stepping aside for one's child is much more common but it still surprised people for this much-loved monarch. queen beatrice and the royal family have been known and loved as friendly, down to earth,
7:47 am
normal. after 33 years on the throne, three days from her 75th birthday, queen bea, as she's called, addressed her country. >> translator: responsibility must now lie in the hands of the new generation. >> reporter: that would be her son, william alexander, once known as a party boy, whose father wasn't invited to his wedding. princess maxima cried at her wedding and has been popular with the rest of the family ever since. in april, he will become the first dutch king in more than a century. her second son gave up his claim to the throne when he married a woman who once had a relationship with a drug lord. he worked as a banker and businessman in london until a tragic skiing accident, avalanche last year left him in a coma. queen beatrice has been flying to london, sometimes every weekend, to see him, another emotional upheaval after the death of her husband in 2002.
7:48 am
both beatrice's mother and grandmother gave up their reign so their daughters could serve. and abdications, voluntary or not, have happened throughout history. to become a catholic in the 1600s, a big scandal. in modern times incorporate edward of england to marry a twice divorced american, one who will not abdicate, it is often said, queen elizabeth, only two years away to becoming the longest reigning monarch in british history. >> whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service. >> the reality is that things do change so to say those things will never happen, i would say to them never say never. >> reporter: prince charles now is the longest waiting heir to the british throne and could be waiting a long time more. for queen beatrice, it was just the thing to do at the right time. this abdication has raised
7:49 am
questions again about queen elizabeth's future. can someone still be head of state when they're, say, 100 years old? prince charles recently described himself as impatient and says he hopes to live long enough to do all he wants to do. savannah? >> michelle kosinski in london. now here's matt. how about this? free wi-fi, clean restrooms and a comfortable place to wait for a friend. if it sounds like your local coffee shop, think again. we're actually talking about a parking lot. nbc's janet shamlian now at the airport in austin, texas, to explain that. good morning to you, janet. >> reporter: hi, matt. we are in this cell phone lot. this is really very convenient if you're picking somebody up at the airport. you don't have to keep circling the terminal endlessly or pay for short-term parking. with all the amenities they've put in here, it's no longer just a parking lot. a lot of people coming here aren't even picking anyone up. picking someone up from the airport should probably fall under an act of love simply
7:50 am
because it's such a hassle. there's no stopping at baggage claim for more than a minute or two and circling the terminal can be maddening. that's why cell phone lots are such a hit. free and close parking where drivers like shirley fisher wait until she gets the call. her sister has arrived. >> i'll be over at baggage claim. i'm going to drive slow. you jump on, okay? >> reporter: but what started as just a place to wait has what some airports turned into, shall we say, a place to be? >> no brainer. yes. >> reporter: in austin, you can even have dinner in the cell phone lot. everything from a spinach salad to beef fajitas, all under seven bucks. >> thank you. >> it's fantastic. green chile pork taco and it's very well done. >> reporter: in tampa, it's the dude and his food. and free wi-fi. for multi-taskers like lori
7:51 am
foley can work while she waits. >> it takes the pressure off of oh, no, i'm going to be up till midnight doing this. >> reporter: airports doing what they can to make customers happy. they're not stopping at food, restrooms and free wi-fi. there's more to come. down the road you'll be able to go shopping here as well. so this is just a start? >> this is a start. you can pull up, maybe buy some flowers, pick up your love off the curbside of the airport and, boom, you're on your way. >> reporter: what else could they possibly come up with? well there are bigger plans. >> a gas station out there, convenience store, car cleaning facilities. there's all kinds of options that you can offer out at cell phone lots when you think about it. >> reporter: flight information boards make it easy to track arrivals and delays, which everyone here dreads, except for the food dude. >> i'm from up north. when it snows it's better. it delays the flights and they have to wait here and it makes my life a little better. >> reporter: a florist, mini mart, it all could be here soon. at the end of the day this is not unlike the airlines and their baggage fees.
7:52 am
airports trying to squeeze out every dollar they can. dinner in the parking lot. matt, back to you. >> janet shamlian in austin, texas, this morning. thank you very much. i hope they do that for the parking lots where the taxis have to wait as well. those guys sit there hour after hour. coming up next, melissa mccarthy, live after your local news. ...canceled. eddie... shannon... so, what do you do? i'm a blogger. totes weird, that is cray, cuz i'm a blogger, too. there's a saying i love, "those who wish to sing, always..." "always find a song." she was just like, perfect, ya know? go get her. this christmas, fall in love all over. you won't run into the top 10 appliance brands just anywhere... eddie... only sears carries them all. this is the top 10 advantage. this is sears. ♪ wow. ♪ what? ♪ mmm. it looks delicious! i didn't work out this morning. i should try it? yeah. actually pretty tasty.
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7:54 am
or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist about humira, to help relieve your pain and stop further joint damage. it is 7:56. good morning. i'm jon kelley. a bay area sports bar being featured in "sports illustrated" super bowl issue.
7:55 am
this photo shows fans sharing cheers and kisses. >> sports fans come from all walks of life. we're a great big melting pot. everyone can get along. >> i told my mom. she tried. >> professional sports teams are embracing lgbt fans. the 49ers are part of the it gets better campaign. a program designed to show young lgbt individuals that things will get better once they get through their teen years. christina loren has this tuesday off. meteorologist rob mayeda is in showing us a great shot outside. beautiful stuff, man. >> it's nice. high clouds going by. made for just a fantastic sunrise this morning. high clouds moving from north to south with the satellite view. won't bring rain but filter sun at times today as we go hour by hour. temperatures around lunchtime already look at that low 60s in the north bay valleys thanks to north winds picking up this afternoon. a sign of high pressure building in and temperatures warming up. mid 60s and upper 60s to finish
7:56 am
the workweek and maybe close to 70 on the coast there on friday and cooler for the weekend. >> looks good. i might be watching tv on sunday. we'll look over here to the south bay where we watch this camera shot north 101 bogging down just north of 680. the map shows you that that's just a little bit of a break at 680. things slow to the airport. backup at capital expressway. all slow and your commute spot southbound commute jamming up around auto mall parkway. a crash there through fremont. south 880 is slow from 238 through fremont with northbound side kicks in. back to you. >> okay. thank you very much. we'll have another local update for you in one half hour from right now. the "today" show coming back at you. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank.
7:57 am
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7:58 am
morning, the 29th of january, 2013. we have a lovely crowd out on
7:59 am
our plaza this morning. big smiles. it's kind of warm this morning, i would say, here in new york city, compared to inside our studio. but, hey, that's another story. good morning, everyone. >> it's another whining day. >> i know. sorry. >> it's actually very nice out. >> pleasant outside. lovely, lovely, lovely. we have a lovely crowd on the plaza. we are out here, savannah guthrie, alongside matt lauer and al roker. you know who we have right here, about to walk into frame? the always delightful melissa mccarthy. good morning to you. >> hello. how are you? >> we are going to chat with you in a few moments about your new movie, "identity thief." >> i don't kid around. i throw some punches and things -- things get a little bloody. >> can my kids see this one? because we already talked about a little mishap with the other movie. >> this one is better except for one part. >> you're not 100% sure. >> there's a scene that they can go out for popcorn, right?
8:00 am
>> one part. >> we'll catch up with melissa in a few. also more of our rare interview with former vice president al gore. he has written a new book and is here to talk about what he sees as the drivers of global change over the next severalday decades. it's called "the future." we'll talk about his personal future as well. our green room may never be the same. we have the mcgee sextuplets. i can't even imagine. >> six 2 1/2-year-olds. we want to mention that al and natalie are packing their bags. they will go out on their first february field trips. they'll go out to a new city every friday. we're doing a super bowl theme this week. >> that's right. >> al is headed out to san francisco where the city is decked out in red and goal and natalie is headed out to baltimore where fans sent the
8:01 am
team off to new orleans in style on monday. so san francisco and baltimore friday on "today." >> a little wager going, too. >> i know. >> somebody will have to dress up in something goofy come monday morning. >> either a raven or natalie a miner. >> a niner miner. good. before we go any further, let's go inside. natalie is standing by at the new news desk. nat? >> good morning, matt, savannah and al. good morning, everyone. deadly floods are peaking in eastern australia today. four people have lost their lives and thousands have evacuated from the worst flooding australia has seen in a decade. a fleet of helicopters are plucking people from rooftops over the past several days. historic floods are being blamed on the remnants sief clone oswald. president obama is set to unveil his own version of immigration reform in las vegas today. he plans to go beyond the bipartisan deal discussed in the senate by offering a quicker path to citizenship for
8:02 am
undocumented immigrants. the boy scouts are considering lifting the ban on gay scouts and scout leaders. the new policy, if adopted, would reverse the national ban and allow individual troops to decide for themselves whether or not to allow gay scouts. some religious groups oppose the change and gay activists say it doesn't go far enough. a rare double-arm transplant for quadriplegic iraq veteran. the first soldier from the iraq war to survive after losing all four limbs. the surgery was done at john hopkins hospital in baltimore last month. brandon's father says his son is really excited about his new arms. now for a look at what's trending today, a quick roundup of what has you talking online. say it ain't so, michelle williams is shooting down rumors of a destiny's child at the super bowl half time show. most famous alumnist, beyonce, is headlining the show. but williams says she will be
8:03 am
touring and can't be there. everyone loves gangnam style. the guy who made this handmade flip book of the music video that goes shot for shot with the video may just love it more than you do. check it out. ♪ gangnam style gangnam style ♪ >> that is unbelievable. the original now, by the way, has more than 1.2 billion hits on youtube. the flip book version has about 1 billion hits to go with it. a pep talk, where better to get it than from the kid president? >> this is awesome. get out there. i don't know everything. i'm just a kid. but i do know this. >> the self appointed voice of a
8:04 am
generation releases a video every week and wants grown-ups to know he tells it like it is. by the way, to let you know, he will be live with us in studio tomorrow. we can't wait to meet him. 8:05 right now. let's go outside to al for a check of the weather. >> out of the mouth of babes. we've got a cutie here. who is this? >> this is frank. >> i like that. where is frank from? >> we're from seattle. >> very nice. frank made the trip all the way out here. what kind of coffee does frank drink? >> black. >> i'm not even going to go there. let's see what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. pick city, yuma, arizona. news 11, where the news comes first. 63 degrees. we've got big changes, jet stream way up in the north and the east. temperatures anywhere from 10 to 30 degrees above normal. out west, they take a dip. you can see those temperatures 5 to 15 degrees below normal. risk of strong storms today where those two air masses meet.
8:05 am
arkansas today, really could be looking at some severe weather, tornadoes, even rain as you make your way up into the upper mississippi river valley. icy conditions, northern new england. snow showers in the southwest. rain moving into the pacific no a pretty nice start to the morning around the bay area. the scene from our mountain camera, some high clouds going by and the sillwhouettes of the hills. if you're going to step outside, still need a jacket through lunchtime, then upper 50s to low 60s. north winds picking up 10 to 20 miles an hour, hinting at warmer changes to finish the workweek. back into the 60s for highs. mid to upper 60s for the start of the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, mr. roker. give you a sense of what's coming up in the next few minutes, melissa mccarthy is up next. she will tell us about her brand new movie role. then a little more with former vice president al gore.
8:06 am
later, music mogul tommy mottola on his music-making memoir and what it was like to work with michael jackson and many others, right after these messages. what do we do when something that's hard to paint, really wants to be painted? we break out new behr ultra with stain-blocker from the home depot... ...the best selling paint and primer in one that now eliminates stains. so it paints over stained surfaces, scuffed surfaces, just about any surface. what do you say we go where no paint has gone before, and end some place beautiful.
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8:10 am
back at 8:11. no one can forget melissa mccarthy's scene stealing performance in the hit movie "bridesmaids." the role earned her an oscar nomination. now she's starring in a new movie called "identity thief," busy stealing identities and scenes again. >> now i have a plan. >> melissa mccarthy is here. good morning. >> good morning. >> you're tough in this movie. >> yeah, it's -- we really went a round a couple of times. >> i want to talk about that in a moment. the producers of this film paid you the highest compliment, because this was a part written for a guy and when they saw you in bridesmaids, they thought, she's manish. >> no, i was kind of really excited about that. >> what drew you to this part? >> well, just getting a call from jason bateman. i already kind of thought, what? are you kidding? we had lunch and he was funny and smart and as delightful as i
8:11 am
hoped he would be. >> i'm glad i'm not the only one. did you grow up watching him and loving him? >> yes, i think everybody did. he was the main person when i went to meet him, i got a million calls afterwards, please tell me he's nice. i need him to not be crazy. >> he is nice and not crazy. >> not crazy. >> let's talk about how physical this role is. as much as you love jason bateman, you're kind of beating the crap out of him the whole time? >> yes. i beat the bejeebers out of him. >> you invented the throat punch. can you explain this? >> i had to figure out a way to get away from him. he's a strong guy. i'm 5'2". it would have to be something dirty or i just punch him in the throat and everybody would laugh and jason said that seems like a terrible idea. then they kept pitching it and they're like, maybe you should just punch him in the throat.
8:12 am
and i punched him in the throat 17 times. shooting the movie you're doing it about 75 times. i missed occasionally. >> i heard you guys did a lot of your own stunts. >> yeah. and we're up close, we have dialogue, there's no way to switch it out. oh, wait, what i thought was really funny, it's like now i have to do it. i didn't plan on that right. >> tell me how the last couple of years has been for you. such a whirlwind, nominated for an oscar, won an emmy, you're going to red carpets. you're kind of an "it" girl. >> oh, lord. i don't know about that. to try to work for so long, i've been doing this for a good 20 years. and you just want to work. you hope to god you get a job. to suddenly be getting to do all these jobs that are, you know, just a dream situation with people that i didn't think i would ever meet, let alone get to work with and be friends with, and directors that just as creative and collaborative and dreamy as can be, it's like i
8:13 am
just have to keep pinching myself. ben and i, every once in a while, will go, are we really here? this is happening. we try to check in and not let it pass by. >> so fame has totally changed you? >> yes. i don't -- i'm carried everywhere. i only drink alaskan water. >> you told me not to look you in the eye. one thing that's great about you, you occasionally get a little star struck and i hear you wanted to meet our former vice president. >> yes. >> should we go over and say hello? >> yes. >> i'll take you there. it actually helps us. >> just hold on to it. >> i don't care. >> i'll hold that. you shake. here's gore. melissa mccarthy. >> you make me laugh. >> oh, lord. that's crazy to hear. you make me hopeful, which is more important. >> thank you. >> this is a great way to tease it. the former vice president will join us to talk more about the future. >> looking forward to it.
8:14 am
>> we'll be back after this. vacation is a precious thing. this year, don't just take time off. put time in. turn spending time with your family into spending time as a family. at the one place where every heart-pounding, jaw-dropping, goose-bumping second counts. it's your vacation. don't just take it. mean it. universal orlando. vacation like you mean it. oh, steer clear of kristen, she can't control herself around chocolate. she'll devour you. really? i'd be a terrible friend if i didn't warn you. gotta go! yeah, uh, thanks for introducing us. anything for a friend. ooh, strong grip! ow! ♪ so, wanna grab a bite somewhere?
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8:17 am
every bit of determination, and go where we've never gone before. ♪ introducing the radically new avalon. toyota. let's go places. 8:8:18 now. from the digital revolution to the crisis of global warming, former president al gyore never shied away from the very tough issues. now she's sharing his vision of where the world is headed with the future six drivers of global change. vice president gore, thank you for coming back. what "time" magazine says you and the book. this is unfiltered gyoore and h wonky glory. in a classroom, he'll always be
8:18 am
the kid whose hand is up. fair? >> i hope not. i've always been fascinated by the task of trying to look over the horizon and see what's coming at us. i have indulged that passion extensively in this book. >> you write a lot about climate change and global warming and the way we view our planet. it is an issue that has shaped your life. i want to talk to you about polling. four in five people in america believe climate change is happening, global warming is real and it's going to present a problem. but there's a group inside that large group, and it's not an insignificant group. and they don't believe that climate change is man made or exacerbated by humans. does that surprise you? >> well, in a way, no. because there's been a lavishly funded well-organized effort to
8:19 am
try to convince people of falsehoods. it's the same thing -- >> by the way, the people in that group would say the same of the other group. >> yes, i understand. but it's -- what's different is this is a corporate-funded exercise. large carbon polluters have business plans that depend on them using the earth's atmosphere as an open sewer. it's the same thing that the tobacco companies did years ago in trying to convince people that the science linking cigarette smoke to go lung cancer was not believable. >> these are your words. in today's world, the challenge of global warming has, unfortunately, led to an almost tribal division between those who accept the overwhelming scientific consensus -- and the evidence of their own senses -- and those who are bound and determined to reject it. the ferocity of their opposition is treated as a kind of badge, significant anything their
8:20 am
membership in the first group. >> that is basic trade in human nature. all of us are vulnerable to. and in time past when we have made leaps forward to solve problems and create a brighter future we found ways to overcome that natural tendency to group up and drive and fight one another. i will say that the partisanship and antagonism in politics today is near an all-time high. and it does need to be mitigated. i think we need to get corporate money out of politics, diminish the role of special interests. i think that would help. >> after years of calling people's attention to this issue. now we have seen superstorm sandy and tornados and drought and extreme temperatures, do you feel vindicated? >> well, i wish that i had been wrong. and i wish that the scientists
8:21 am
whose message i was carrying had been wrong. it's not about me. it's about us and what we do to safeguard our future. and by the way, as i point out in this book, climate change is one huge problem, but we have other challenges. the advanced automation coming with artificial intelligence and robotics is really hollowing out the middleclass. the genetic engineering revolution is crossing the boundaries between species and forcing us to realize we're in charge of evolution now. and i won't list all the others. but we have the obligation to the future to make intelligent choices. we'll give our kids a bright future the way previous generations did for us. >> since i have you here and i haven't had a lot of chance to talk to you since changes have occurred in your life. it was 2010 that you is and mrs. gore, tipper, decided to
8:22 am
separate. that created an enormous conversation in this country. i don't know if you were aware of it at the time. but talking about relationships that end after years and years. were you surprised by the attention you received? >> well, it's a very personal, private thing. but we made a mutual agreement after 40 years of marriage. we're doing great, by the way. >> how is the relationship? how would you describe the relationship today? >> warm. we had the children and grandchildren for christmas. and we have regular family gatherings. life is good. >> when you heard so many people say they were such a great team. that word "team" was always used to describing the two of you. was it hard to listen to the other people weighing in on your life? >> well, i didn't listen to too much of that. but we have a good relationship and our family is strong, and that's what matters. >> let me end on a matter of
8:23 am
politics. you were the last sitting vice president to go on and run as president. joe biden, it seems to be, kicking the tires for a run in 2016. is he a guy, in your opinion that can lead the democratic party forward and the nation forward? >> well, i'm going to resist getting drawn into that. >> come on, try. >> i love joe. and there are others who no doubt will run. i do genuinely believe that just a week after we inaugurated president obama it's premature to get into the horse race. >> have you watched television news? come on. this is what we do. >> i know. but that's also part of something we need to challenge. we went through 2012 with 60% of the country in drought. superstorm sandy. $110 billion in climate disasters. and not one journalist anywhere
8:24 am
in the u.s. asked any question during the debates about the biggest issue we're facing, the climate crisis. now, the horse race stories are easy to write. and it's just kind of a template we get into it. it's totally understandable. but we need to really dig in and our democracy the way we used to and grapple with the problems that face us. >> let's end on that note. former vice president al gore. always nice to have you. appreciate it very much. and tommy motolla after your local news. mottola after your local news.
8:25 am
pg and e says colorful gnomes can stay. the artist responsible for acatching these tiny paintings to power poles. the utility wanted to remove them so others wouldn't attach anything else. the artist agree d to help them relocate the ngomgnomes. how we looking? >> we have slowdowns. traffic tuesday. southbound 880 through fremont. it's more than that. the map shows you have a good slowdown coming down into the area. 680, also slow. the earlier crash southbound is clear, but a new one on the northbound side causing a distraction. southbound at 238 where the northbound direction through oakland as well as west 580.
8:26 am
slow driving across the bridge and slow for 680 at the walnut interchange. back to you. >> i will have another local news update for you in about a half hour. hope you get a chance to enjoy your morning.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
it's 8:30 now on a tuesday morning, the 29th day of january, 2013. downright balmy today after the cold snap of a week or so. >> have to ask natalie. she's complaining. >> shivering. >> you have to get outside to warm up these days. thanks to those folks for stopping by. i'm matt lauer, along with natalie morales, savannah guthrie and al roker. one of the most successful people ever in the music industry. >> tommy mottola. a lot of people know his name. he has worked alongside, discovered and developed some of the biggest stars, jennifer lopez, celine dion, to name a few. it is what he says in his new memoir about his ex-wife, mariah
8:30 am
carey, and michael jackson that is getting a lot of attention. we, as parents, all remember the terrible twos. imagine raising six all at once. the mcgee sextuplets are here. >> i think we've reached screech meltdown, they've been up for a while. >> nap time. as we look ahead for today, a risk of very strong storms in arkansas, slight risk of strong storms in the gulf all the way up into illinois. wet weather in the pacific northwest. icy conditions in northern new england. for tomorrow, that risk moves to the east, into the southeast and midatlantic states. wet weather in the northeast. more cold reinforcing air comes out of the plains tomorrow. snow back in the inner mountain region, rain in the pacific northwest. sunny and mild in texas and
8:31 am
>> and that's your latest weather. today marks three months since superstorm sandy devastated so many communities here in the northeast. and while progress is being made, there is still so much more to be done. we recently visited the hard-hit town of union beach, new jersey. >> it is so cold out. >> reporter: sometimes something as simple as a pair of mittens can make all the difference. this woman and her family lost their entire home and all of its contents in hurricane sandy. she and thousands of others depend on distribution centers like this one in union beach.
8:32 am
>> even if you come here, get a loaf of bread or a hug, it means a lot. >> reporter: we first visited this community before the holidays. >> this was the living room, yes, sir. >> wow! >> reporter: carlos rodriguez's wife and son, jonathan, narrowly escaped the flooding. >> water was coming in the house. >> reporter: how high was it getting? >> to about the stairs. >> reporter: now even with the help of volunteers the road to recovery is still long. >> how long are we looking at, paul? that i could come back in and sleep in here? >> i'm hoping the middle of march. >> reporter: no money from insurance, nothing from fema either. >> i called and talked to you the other day. >> reporter: most hurricane relief comes from the kindness of strangers. jennifer mayer oversees the recovery effort at the municipal build i building. she says the need for supplies is desperate. >> one piece of sheet rock, send sheet rock.
8:33 am
>> reporter: she has been giving what she has to people like steve chandler. in addition to the storm damage his 14-year-old son, shane, is undergoing chemotherapy, yet he tries to stay positive. >> i keep saying we'll have a good barbecue this year, have everybody over for a barbecue. >> reporter: high hopes for a town fighting to survive. >> hope. when you have hope, you have it all. >> reporter: so keeping with that theme, we're announcing a new initiative today. "today" gives hope. in collaboration with our friends at the uniteded way and, we set a really simple way for you to donate essential items that people need. >> if you want to find out more, go to it was three months ago today that sandy hit. and there is still a lot of need. coming up, we will check in with the legendary music sxuf, tommy mottola. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
we are back now 8:37 with the legendary music executive tommy motolla. for nearly 15 years he was head of sony music and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, michael jackson, celine deion and mariah carry. from elvis to the ipod. why write this book? you start writing about some of these stars. in you're honest about a lot of them, you will get instant reaction. >> well, i thought that if i was going to do this it would be more interesting to talk about things in terms of a bigger umbrella story of what happened to popular music in the golden age which happened between elvis and the ipod. and if i could narrate and tell a story in the middle of that
8:37 am
instead of a boring biography, i thought maybe that would be fun. >> in the process you bring up some of these a-listers and personal experiences. and here comes the reaction. you write about mariah carry. she says of you you were controlling, restrictive. how do you plead? >> you know, i guess that at 20 years old all of the things that it takes to make a superstar and all the pressures that go along with it and being thrown in the middle of a routine that is almost unbearable to withstand for anyone could absolutely feel that those pressures would be overwhelming enough to react like that. >> no, i did not hypnotize mariah, into selling 200 million albums. no, i did not chain her to the recording studio after we were married.
8:38 am
if i seem controlling let me apologize. was i obsessive, yes. but it was part of her success. have you apologized to her in person or when she reads this is this going to be the first time she's heard those words? >> i would think that will be the first time. >> how do you think she might react to that? >> look, i have nothing but the greatest respect for her in the world. she's one of the most talented singers and songwriters that has ever come along. i feel great about all the things she achieved as a result of all the work we did. >> you wrote it was absolutely wrong and inappropriate for me to become involved with mariah. i'm not saying this because there was a generation gap. i should have listened to the piercing voice of my shrink and maintained my distance. >> well, you know, you can never control what happens in your personal life, as we all know. but you do the best we can.
8:39 am
and certainly, you know, the good thing that came out of all of this is she became one of the most successful superstars in the world. and for our company it was incredible achievement. >> michael jackson. you talk how hugely talented he was, but he was demanding and he surrounded himself with yes people. you were one of the few guys who even dared come close to saying no to michael jackson. >> well, michael was demanding but i think he commanded that respect. i looked at him as the most talented artist that i have probably ever worked with. everyone around him gave him that kind of respect. the problem was there were too many people who didn't tell him the things that probably would have helped him. >> so you think those yes people were part of his undoing? >> there were so many factors one can never really figure that out. you know, it started from the early age of his childhood and all the success that he had which, again, becomes an overwhelming process to any individual. >> do you miss being there on a
8:40 am
daily basis as careers are made and then challenged and made again? >> the thing that i think about as all the great things that happened and how those are now imprinted forever and i feel good about that i feel great about the new things that i'm working on and being free and able to do those things as well. >> before i let you go i've got to get your take on this beyonce flack. everybody was screaming she may have lip-synced last week. what's your take on this? >> typically in washington in those events it's never the best of circumstances. she is one of the greatest singers in the world. any time she wants to get up and sing she can sing as well if not better than everyone and everyone should leave beyonce alone. >> much ado about nothing. >> much ado about nothing. >> tommy motolla, always good to have you here. and the book again is called
8:41 am
"hitmaker." up next, terrible twos times six. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
mcghees." >> if we can make it the if we can make it in four minutes it's a miracle. it's like they know they're turning 2. >> they are out of control. >> you've got to be kidding me. this is a national disaster, boy. >> he's peeing in the water! >> these kids is all over the place. >> please.
8:44 am
what is that? >> they are with us along with their kids. good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> say hi. >> i find myself stressed in 30 seconds. is this how normal life is a little chaotic, right? >> it's extremely chaotic. right now they're 2. there's no controlling them. >> i was going to say this is the terrible 2s times six, right? >> they run the household. we're outnumbered and they were it. >> how are you guys adjusting? i know you love having them so little. in a way you don't want them to grow up. >> watch! >> but it's a lot to handle. >> it is. it is a lot to handle. we waited 10 years to even get a pregnancy. so of course i'm happy. i'm happy i have them. it's a lot of chaos but we make it work. >> i should ask how everybody is doing because they were born at 27 weeks. >> they are doing extremely well. it is a miracle.
8:45 am
we don't have any medical issues or anything. >> give me an idea just a day in the life or a week in the life in terms of how much are you having to buy at the grocery store? what does it take to run the mcghee sex item let operation? >> a lot of prayer, a lot of organization, you just have to be on it. you have to have a lot of energy. >> how many diapers are you changing per day? >> oh, goodness. i would say probably -- anywhere between 45 and maybe 50. >> which is a lot. but then we start thinking about how this is the age where you might start potty training. >> oh, my gosh. can you imagine? >> trying to get through the terrible 2 stage right now. >> yeah. >> i'm not looking forward to potty training. that's not even -- that's just mind blowing. >> they are sextuplets but they have their own individual permits. >> they do. you see, we have -- yeah, six
8:46 am
different personalities. they go their own direction. they do what they want to do. and we want them to be individuals. >> yeah. what drew you to wanting to do that? it's exciting and fun but now everybody sees what's going on in your lives. do you have any trepidation about that? >> well, we were on the openry winfrey show. we received overwhelming response. letters and how inspirational and encouraging we are. so we thought if we could do a reality show and they can see more of us and we can tell our story at the same time, let's do it. >> and one of the big challenges i know you have is to kind of keep the spark alive in your marriage. you just did a prom theme, the two of you? >> yeah, we did. we were high school sweet hearts. she always wanted to go to the prom. we were young and working. we had our own apartment in high school.
8:47 am
we were unable to go to prom. so i said why not go to prom? and she was -- that's not nice. >> are you okay, sweetie? >> mattie. >> come over here, maddie. >> you have given a slice of life. your kids are adorable. >> thank you. >> and remind everybody catch it wednesday night discovery fit and health. coming up next, a live performance from one of music's hottest acts. these kids love to dance. emily is coming up next. but first this is "today" on nbc. is come iing up on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. soulful singer and songwriter, emeli sande is a huge success in her native briton. breakout album tops the charts and she performed at both the opening and closing ceremonies of the london olympic games. now she's bringing her talents and her act across the pond for a u.s. tour. it's great to have you here. welcome. >> thank you. >> we last caught up with you in london during the olympics. you did a little performance for us there. what was it like to be surrounded by the pomp and circumstance of those olympic games? >> it was very exciting, you
8:50 am
know. it was -- in the village, just all the excitement and the buzz in london. it was such an honor to be involved in such a massive thing for my country so i'm very happy i got to be part of it. >> you have been so well received there. you've been nominated for four awards, the equivalent of our grammy awards. now that you come across to this country, what do you notice is different? what kind of reception do you receive here? >> for me it's like two years ago in the uk. you go to the shows and it's just that real raw excitement at the beginning when people have just found you as an artist. i love that. it's a brand new challenge for me and i'm really enjoying it. >> when you go back then, do you think it will be a rude awakening, to be back so much in the spotlight? >> you get used to it. you kind of just have to recalibrate when you go home and when you come back here again. >> i was just reading that your video for "next to me" has 25 million hits. >> wow! >> 25 million hits. it's amazing what the internet can do. >> yeah. >> for an artist these days.
8:51 am
>> absolutely. it's a massive thing. your music there and you get exposed and sometimes you can't always rely on record companies. i'm happy we have internet as an exposure. >> we're so proud of your accomplishments, not only there, but it's great to have you here as well. what are you going to sing? >> i'm going to sing "next to me." >> ladies and gentlemen, emeli sande. ♪ you won't find him drinking at the tables rolling dice and staying out till three you won't ever find him being unfaithful you will find him you'll find him next to me ♪ ♪ you won't find him trying to
8:52 am
chase the devil for money fame for power out of greed you won't ever find him where the rest go you will find him you'll find him next to me ♪ ♪ next to me ooh ooh next to me ooh ooh next to me ooh ooh you will find him you'll find him next to me ♪ ♪ when the money's spent and all my friends have vanished and i can't seem to find no help or love for free i know there's no need for me to panic cause i'll find him i'll find him next to me ♪ ♪ when the skies are gray and
8:53 am
all the doors are closing and the rising pressure makes it hard to breathe when all i need's a hand to stop the tears from falling i will find him i'll find him next to me ♪ ♪ next to me ooh ooh next to me ooh ooh next to me ooh ooh i will find him i'll find him next to me ♪ ♪ when the end has come and buildings fall down fast when we spoilt the land and dried up all the sea when everyone has lost their heads around us you will find him you'll find him next to me ♪ ♪ next to me
8:54 am
ooh ooh next to me ooh ooh next to me ooh ooh you will find him you'll find him next to me ♪ ♪ next to me ooh ooh next to me ooh ooh next to me ooh ooh you will find him you'll find him next to me ♪ >> emeli sande, thank you so much. welcome to the states. great to have you here. we're back on a tuesday morning right after your messages and your local news.
8:55 am
good morning, it's 8:56. in jus a few hours, we'll get a better idea of how the state's with thor supply is doing. the second snow pack of the winter will take place this morning along highway 50. a survey earlier this year found the content was 134% up normal. it means we're lake erie liess have a drought in the summer. >> doesn't look like we'll add to the snow pack today. what we have instead is a warming trend that's going to kick in come tomorrow. upper 50s to near 60 and then temperatures into the mid-60s by the end of the week. another local news update in just a half hour.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
more of "today," this tuesday morning, 29th day of january,
8:59 am
2013. that crowd assembled on the plaza, the weather begins to warm up a little bit here in new york city. i'm willie geist along with natalie morales, al roker and tamron hall. the man behind the music of michael jackson, celine dion, mariah carey and many others, tommy mottola, he was here in our last hour talking about his new book "hitmaker" and we asked him to stick around for our take three. we want to get your take on this. tiger woods won the delayed farmers insurance open at torrey pines for the seventh time yesterday. came back, won a big tournament, had a big final round monday. it's his 75th career title. looks like now he's starting to come back post injury, post whatever you want to call it. >> scandal. >> we'll call it a scandal. and on the other hand in the music world, chris brown is back in the papers again, singer frank ocean, alleges that he was
9:00 am
punched. sent out a tweet saying he was punched by chris brown and a group of people outside a recording studio in west hollywood. so, tommy, recovering from flaws in your private life to go on to success in public. when it happened to tiger woods a lot of people said he's finished, he's done, he will never break jack nicklaus' record. we've seen it in the world of entertainment. is there a point where you're so talented that it overcomes anything that you've done in dwrour private life? >> i think you get to a point sometimes where everything becomes so under a microscope and then, unfortunately in the case of both of the two people you just mentioned, the situations were extremely difficult. you cannot deny the talent of chris brown or tiger woods. on the other hand. it becomes a difficult
9:01 am
situation. >> does that hurt chris brown's popularity? he seems to turn out the hits. >> chris has been getting back there at this point in time. until this incident, who knows what the fallout will be. chris' talent is undeniable. and he has been recovering from what had happened in the former incident. >> oprah said staying amplified to what you are, she told lance armstrong, if you're a jerk, it's amplified. oprah said it. if you're a philanthropist, it's amplified with fame. do you think what we're seeing with tiger woods, chris brown and many artists you've worked with, it's just an amplifia cation of what they would be without fame? >> no question. fame is a treacherous situation. you always have to be aware of the fact that, nowadays especially with social media, instantly everyone knows what happened to you, no matter what you did. >> i think the public is generally forgiving and can give second chances. i think most everyone here believes in second chances.
9:02 am
the question is, what about third chances, fourth chances? chris brown we've seen quite a lot of chances. >> right. >> so, how much do you think they can hold up under that? >> well, it's hard to tell. it's unfortunate. >> yeah. >> and, you know, i always like to see people rise above adversity and everything else that happens to them. >> look at ray lewis. shining example. baltimore ravens, everybody is cheering him on. difficult past. >> ray lewis being celebrated this week at the super bowl. those are good examples. our take two, the question being asked by at least one writer, too young for an oscar? age 9, quvenzhane wallis is the youngest actress being nominated for an oscar. she was 6 when she starred in "beasts of the southern wild." the argument goes other deserving actresses were
9:03 am
overlooked. what do we think about that? >> they've all won pneumoniaaripneumoninumerous academy awards. >> didn't have a lot of lines. >> no, she didn't have a lot of lines. it's the emotion. >> quality not quantity. >> right. >> look at tatum o'neill. >> how about michael jackson, the jackson 5? talent is talent no matter what the age is. >> this is an example where one voice gets amplified in the case of social media and twitter, this is one voice. we know her name and she'll be at the oscars. sometimes i call it bitter bear syndrome. >> by the way, i would guarantee that meryl streep and rachel weiss would all be in favor of paving the way for new talent. >> absolutely. they're not complaining. >> it's a subjective award. so, obviously, enough people thought enough of her performance to nominate her. >> and she was phenomenal. she was on the show with us. >> we loved her.
9:04 am
>> talked about not knowing she was auditioning for this big role, kind of stroling in, and chilling it. if you've seen this movie, that kid -- she leaps from that screen. >> brand new, innate talent, discovery of that. >> good news is that she's going to be around for a long time and hopefully, this critic won't be. >> tatum o'neill, by the way, was 10 years old when she won for best actress. there is precedence. take three, this has confounded me and apparently some other people now. is it time for an insta diet? there's a fad where people go to a restaurant and instagram their meal. >> you do that? >> i do it. >> natalie, okay. >> what's your problem? >> what am i supposed to do with that tweet? congratulate you? >> here's an idea. don't look. what's the big deal? has your life been ruined by this? >> wow! >> what's the point? what are you trying to achieve by taking the photograph?
9:05 am
>> i just had a nice moment. you might like to try this. or just look at t it's beautiful. >> i'm learning to cook. i've been on the journey about a year. i take pictures of my food and send it to my friends. one's a chef. what's up, lish? and my mom who says eww. i get feedback. i'll start tonight around 3:00 am start tweeting -- >> my beautiful wife, talia, comes from the latin culture. they appreciate food so much, they celebrate food. she's constantly tweeting. >> what do you think about that, geist? >> it was a question. >> you are annoyed by it. >> my friend has been whining about this. >> what was the response? overwhelming what's wrong with you, willie? >> no, a lot of people wondered the same thing. >> you're getting a little offensive, backing off of it now? it's not me. it's my friends. >> i want you to tell me if it looks delicious or not. if it's something i created, i want to know what you think about it. >> if you created it, tamron,
9:06 am
yes. >> ooh. >> a chef in new york city doesn't want people taking photographs of his meals because he wants to control the way it looks. >> guess what, once i bought it, it's mine. shut up! >> i hate controlling people. >> yes, of course. >> what the heck! i've already paid for the food. what are you going to do, come take it out of my mouth? i'm taking a picture. >> chris christie. >> hey, chef, i got your picture right here. >> this guy is inviting people into the kitchen where he has staged the meal and you may take a picture in the kitchen and then you're allowed to tweet it out. >> i get the point that he wants control because of the lighting. >> it's not a cookbook. it's a picture. >> but if you capture a photograph and it doesn't look delicious -- >> then you should have sent it out looking nicer. >> i don't know what got into you today. >> they're going to complain about somebody -- somebody thinks enough of your food to take a picture of it, why are
9:07 am
you whining? >> because he's a control freak. >> then get over yourself, chef. >> you are a man that has controlled careers. thumbs up or thumbs down. >> gu duh stop people from taking pictures of your artist? >> no. you want it. it's great. >> yeah. >> tommy mottola, thanks for sticking around. his new book is called "hitmaker." go check it out. natalie has a look at the headlines. >> roads near brisbane have turned into rivers, thousands have been evacuated, many homes completely submerged. forecasters say the flooding should not worsen. president obama unveiled his immigration reform today in las vegas, just a day after bipartisan group of senators laid out their own comprehensive plan. among the proposals in that senate plan, a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants already living in the u.s. and an increased security presence on our nation's borders. a major policy change could
9:08 am
be on the way for the boy scouts of america. the organization's board of directors may reverse a ban on gay scouts and scout leaders, leaving it up to the local troops to decide. if approved, the national policy change could go into effect next week. billions of dollars of aid are heading to victims of superstorm sandy. monday, the senate approved the $50 billion to provide help to hard-hit homes and businesses three months after the storm slammed the northeast. president obama says he will sign it as soon as it hits his desk. a programming note, special report tonight on "dateline," the story of abducted college student mickey shoonic and the hunt for her assailant. "missing mickey." a woman used her remote car key to pop the trunk, apparently igniting vapors coming from
9:09 am
plumbing equipment she stowed inside. debris went flying across the parking lot, but fortunately no one was hurt. the song of the summer is back. except this time it is taking on an inventive instrumental song. sorry, carly rae jepsen but these instrumental versions of "call me maybe" are pretty good, too. take a look. ♪ >> guess you can play that song with just about anything. those videos going viral on youtube. they have a long way to go to catch up with the original, that has some 393 million hits. makes it hard to do the dance, though, with the instrument. >> i'm still partial to the jimmy fallon one. >> what would michael jackson or
9:10 am
any artists early on if the internet had existed then, how much bigger might they have been? >> well, you know, it would have been no limit. it's, you know, the whole universe. so, i mean, it would be -- it would be hard to tell but certainly it just would have been much more incredible success. >> would they have taken pictures of their food and posted them online? >> i'm sure they would. >> definitely. >> twitter is on fire. people are supporting al overwhelmingly. >> i haven't seen your stuff. i haven't seen it. >> let's check the weather. >> that's what's going o here's a look at the forecast throughout the bay area right now. sunshine across golden gate bridge no. worries about fog today. high clouds as opposed to the low clouds you see moving across the bay. hour by hour for temperature, lunchtime, upper 50s and some low 60s around the north baby
9:11 am
2:00. approaching the evening tomorrow, a couple of degrees warmer and thursday to friday, then a few extra clouds and cooling for the super bowl weekend. >> and that's your latest weather we really struck a cord here, didn't we, with al? food photographer. tommy, thank you again. >> this is fun. i might come back. >> any time. any time. up next, your credit score and dating. are they compatible? that's right after this. [ doorbell rings ] donuts? ♪ you're cute. [ door closes ] [ female announcer ] new special k protein cereal helps keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? [ traffic sounds ] ♪ help satisfy your hunger longer with the special k protein line. willpower. what will you gain when you lose?
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we're pregnant! honey! what? we're pregnant! we're pregnant? yeah! you're going to be a mom! you're going to be a dad! there's a little baby in there? there's a human being growing inside your stomach? yeah! now what? i don't know? what? introducing huggies mommy answers. the best advice in one place. from the brand new moms trust. credit scores are used in lots of cases, when you buy a house, a car and even by employers. >> romance, increasingly singles are using credit scores to size up their dates. that's right, that little number long used by banks has now made its way on to the social scene.
9:15 am
chicago flight attendant jessica la shawn was flying high recently, enjoying a great first date. >> i was extremely excited about this guy. >> reporter: but she quickly came down to earth when her potential mr. right asked for her credit score. she didn't know it, which he took as a sign of financial irresponsibility. >> he took me home. he really didn't want to have anything more to do with me. he was very disappointed and he did not hide that. >> reporter: call it a sign of these financial times. more and more, cupid is looking at credit. an increasing number of people seem to be directly asking dates about their credit score, using it as a way to evaluate a possible future together with shared finances. >> credit scores really matter. in fact, they're the only grade that matters after you leave the schooling system. you're going to have to spend more money to borrow. it could cost you a lot of money. >> reporter: meet 27-year-old john mcdaniel.
9:16 am
credit score, 720. he says he always asks about the magic number on the first or second date and his perfect 10 better be above 600. >> credit score, fiscally responsible, how can you move on with having house, kids, anything at that point? >> reporter: it's a trend even showing up online with sites like and, to the financially finicky. most list their credit score right upfront. >> our membership is increasing dramatically because people are becoming more aware for the need for financial responsibility in relationships. >> reporter: that's certainly the case with jessica la shawn. >> i learned to take advantage of opportunities that allow you to review your credit score and how to actually become financially responsible. >> reporter: a financial lesson from a love lost. what may be more important than
9:17 am
credit score is finding a partner you're financially compatible with. partners who fight about money are 30% more likely to get divorced. tamron? >> mara, thank you. jean chatzky is "today's" financial editor. hi, jean. >> hi. >> we've gone from asking what's your sign to what's your score? >> it is really, really scary. it is important. i don't know that i would go as far as to ask on the first or second date. before you get married you want to know what do you earn, what do you own and what do you owe? >> for people curious about their credit score, how do you get it? >> you're entitled to three free copies of your credit report a year, through annual credit, one from each of the credit bureaus. if you go to credit you can pull a copy of your credit score and they'll monitor your credit score for free. >> you can get it for free. that's a good thing. >> that's a good thing. >> it seems obvious to tell people to pay your bills on time. put that into context.
9:18 am
how important is it to make sure you don't have late fees -- not le late fees but -- >> a great score is anything over 760 on the fico scale. this is the one that learneds look at. late payments are really bad news. they represent about 30% of your score. set up automatic payments so you're never late. >> what's credit utilization? >> that's credit available to you that you're actually using. on your credit cards you only want to be using 10% to 30%. you want to see your score go up, you have to pay down your credit card debt. >> makes sense. applying for new credit cards, you go to any store they'll offer them to you. >> just say no. you also don't want to close cards that you have. >> why? >> it goes back to the credit utilization. if you close cards you reduce the amount of credit you have outstanding. that takes your credit score down. and credit utilization represents about a third of your score as well. >> useful information. i don't know about finding love
9:19 am
with it. but when you look at the numbers of people who divorce because of finances, it's part of the conversation. >> and the thing that they fight about most is debt. >> all right, jean. good to see you. >> you, too. >> thank you so much. coming up, the three finalists in "today's" quest for the best jingle. but first these messages. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady ♪ who's that lady? [ female announcer ] used mops can grow bacteria. swiffer wetjet starts with a clean pad every time, and its antibacterial cleaner kills bacteria mops can spread around. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. ♪ lovely lady whether you're vacationing in thor, orange county.... start at just click on the alamo deal retriever℠. and get our best deal, customized for you.
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9:23 am
still to come on "today," a beloved european queen abdicates the throne. why and what's to come? live gladiator training. spartacus, watch out, roker. first your local news and weather. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] let's take every drop of courage, every ounce of inspiration, every bit of determination, and go where we've never gone before.
9:24 am
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9:25 am
for month, couples have been hanging personalized padlocks on the main street bridge as a symbol of their love for each other, but the town worried the locks could fall on to cars on highway 217. they will be removed on friday. the art museum will display as an exhibit just in time for valentine's day. the former 49 once call home is now for rent. the home includes a 24-hour door man and heated community pool. it has just one bedroom, one and a half bathrooms, but does include a private roof deck with bay bridge views and ample parking. it will cost you $5,000 a month to rent. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this.
9:26 am
we've got high clouds mixed with sunshine across the bay area and those high clouds are coming in north to south. not going to give us rain, just
9:27 am
filter the sun at times. upper 50s to low to mid-60s actually towards 3:00, you see things warming up and the north winds pick up into mid afternoon. the evening and the rest of the workweek, warming temperatures. maybe close to 70 on the coast thursday and friday, then some clouds coming in towards super bowl sunday. mike? >> i like that, super bowl sunday. use that for the traffic. northbound slowing going on because of the number of cars. we had an incident that cleared, a big back up that's shown improvement. a similar situation for 880 and 580 just in the last five. up to about the speed limit. we're looking at the peninsula with south 101 lagging. all the way down through san mateo and interchange 101. north 101 as well as north 280, really jamming up. a look at 280 from 17, still a
9:28 am
very slow speed. below 20 miles per hour at times. south 880, much better. back to you. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us. we'll have another update in about half an hour or so. have a great morning. back now with more of "today" on this tuesday morning,
9:29 am
29th of january, 2013. nice day for all the tourists here in new york city. with willie geist, al roker and tamron hall. crown a winner with a very special guest judge. >> little diddy. like p. diddy? >> yeah, with a d. longest serving monarchs steps aside for her son. so will this trend perhaps catch on in britain? no, it won't. but we'll take a look. what do you think? >> that hat -- >> she had a nest. >> was that a hat. >> or was she happy to see you? >> wow! >> she's a queen. >> that's right. and then no guts, no glory, stars of the cable cult hit
9:30 am
"spartacus" are on hand for a little sword play. they'll teach us our moves. >> we each get a move and we're supposed to do it. >> are we fighting those guys? i want no part of those guys. >> fight each other. >> okay, good. first, thoerks yugh, have y a check of the weather for us? >> a risk of very severe storms, possibility of tornadoes from arkansas through the gulf and mississippi river valley. wet weather in the pacific northwest. sunny and mild down through florida. as we move into tomorrow, that risk of strong storms moves into the eastern gulf, into the midatlantic states. look for wet weather in the pacific northwest, reinforcing shot of arctic air comes into the plains. rain makes its way into the eastern great lakes, on into the northern new england area. by thursday we're looking at more lake-effect snow firing up around the great lakes. we're seeing a mix of high clouds and sunshine for san jose
9:31 am
and haze. we should see highs getting closer to 60 this afternoon and the warmer places around the santa clara valley and some low to mid-60s in the north bay. winds will help warm our temperatures. maybe close to 70 in santa cruz thursday and friday. next chance of rain, later monday into tuesday of next week. >> so we're talking about "the spartacus" cast and natalie was mentioning how disturbingly good looking these australians are. >> i didn't say that. >> and you said goose bumply. >> spartacus is looking at you. >> please don't. >> look at this. your goosebumps have goosebumps. >> willie has a bromance, too. >> i didn't say anybody was goosebu goosebumpily. i said look at those pecs.
9:32 am
>> but we digress. >> no, we don't. >> thank you, al, for exposing my goosebumps. this will give you goosebumps, right after this. ta. it's back for just $12.95. ta. featuring 5 delicious new entrees to choose from. go creamy and dig into rich new penne di mare with shrimp. or maybe go crunchy with new parmesan potato crusted chicken. served with unlimited fresh salad and warm breadsticks. finish with a decadent dessert. 3 courses, just $12.95! go tonight! go olive garden! and try our unlimited homemade soup, crisp salad, and warm breadsticks lunch. just $6.95! but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese, cover it with crescent dough and pow! cheeseburger crescent casserole. double awesome. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. pillsbury crescents. we're pregnant! honey!
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9:34 am
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you need a hand. well, walgreens is innovating to help. by making prescription refills this easy. and we're bringing our pharmacists out front to answer your questions. at walgreens, we'll do more than help you get well. we'll help you stay well and live well. because that's what it really means to be at the corner of happy and healthy. this morning on "today's" quest for the best, your "today" show jingles. we asked you to send us an original tune, and our three finalists are here to compete for the title of "today's" best.
9:36 am
they are john michaels from lexington, south carolina, kayly walker and andrew walker, no relation, from denton, texas, and brent morgan and joe radcliff from georgia. 16-time grammy award winning producer david foster, here to judge today. good to see you. >> glad to be here. >> no pressure, 16 grammys. >> the "today" show is iconic. we want something hooky, we want something we can remember, get in, get out and remember it. >> our director, joe michaels, that's in my head right now. you're playing for your daughter, jenna, 5-year-old jenna. >> my sweet little girl. >> let's listen to what you've got. ♪ where do you go when you need to know just who you can trust and who do you turn to for all the news you can turn to us ♪
9:37 am
♪ savannah matt and natalie willie too hoda al and kathie lee ♪ ♪ we're neighbors we're friends we're family together we've weathered history ♪ ♪ yeah there's lots that we have done and the best is yet to come ♪ ♪ the good times the bad times we've laughed and cried we've shared with you the times of our lives after more than 60 years we're still here ♪ ♪ today today on nbc ♪ >> all right. john michaels. what did you think? >> if you worked my name in there, you might have had a better shot. you had everybody else's in there. it was great. it was a good story. i would have preferred a hook to come in a little earlier. it was really good. good job, man. >> you made jennings proud there. let's move on to our second
9:38 am
contestant, kaykaylie and andre walker. >> i jumped on some cords, thought up some lyrics. >> i came over, finished it up and recorded it that night. >> what did you think of john's? >> it was catchy. >> he raised the bar a little. >> yeah. >> let's hear it, guys. take it away. >> five, six, seven, eight. ♪ get up see the sun rise it's a new day let's start it right turn on the tv to our favorite show matt and savannah all you know ♪ ♪ good old al has the weather now come on natalie willie hoda and kathie lee
9:39 am
today is the day to be who you want to be say what you want to say ♪ ♪ start again don't you know it's not too late life's a gift you've got to open it up today ♪ >> all right. little harmonica, very nice. >> what did you hear there, david? >> it was nice. it was maybe not quite as punchy as the first one we heard. nevertheless, very good. so far, we're batting two for two. this is going to be hard for me. >> cool. i'll let you guys think about that one for a minute. we'll move on to our third contestant, from madison, alabama. >> that's clearly cheating, the whole keyboard, orchestra. >> it better be good. i'm a keyboard player. so get on it. >> how long have you been playing together? >> we don't. >> first time for everything. >> this is first time.
9:40 am
>> cool. let's hear it. take it away, guys. >> one, two, three, four. ♪ today today hey good morning a little fun before the day gets boring ♪ ♪ today where it's all good hearing what's happening in your neck of the woods ♪ ♪ today hey it's easy catching up with the world on tv today is all you need waking up today with nbc ♪ >> all right. very nice. >> very good. >> definitely something a little different. more acoustic. what do you think? >> love the little nbc logo at the end, the same way john did. joe. john. you'll be joe if you win. look, i'll tell you what, i was really impressed with all three of you. i think that from a producer's point of view, if i was
9:41 am
producing the "today" show theme, if i had to go with one of you and make it into a hot 30-second spot, i would go with john. >> wow, all right. >> awesome. >> i want to say i also co-wrote that with diana bryan out in seattle. >> so you cheated, too? that's awesome. that's great. >> holding that trophy. >> i've had fun. everybody has been great here. i want to say thanks to the "today" show for this opportunity. >> well done to all of you. congratulations, john. thank you all for the effort. great to have you with us. we're looking for the savviest saver in america. go to to share your one of a kind penny pinching secrets. if you send along pictures to show how it's all done that's even better. three finalists will have a chance to compete in studio for the title of "today's" best. up next, a royal abdicates
9:42 am
her throne. that's up next. dear chex cereal, i just had to write. you can't imagine how long i've been searching for something like this for my family. i'm amazed you make so many great flavors that are gluten free. my guys are crazy for chocolate chex and honey nut chex. for me, it's cinnamon. it means a lot to be able to give them something that's good for them, that also puts smiles on their faces. 'cause i really love those smiles. we're the harris family. and we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. [ male announcer ] love chex? when you color a lot, you need a color that cares a lot. only excellence crème from l'oreal has triple protection. pre-treatment seals fragile ends. color cream protects. deep conditioning for rich, radiant color. and grays? gone! l'oreal's excellence. ♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪
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9:45 am
[ clears throat ] [ children laugh ] [ female announcer ] golden, crispy outside. warm and fluffy inside. we are one good-looking family. [ children laugh ] [ female announcer ] eggo waffles. simply delicious. [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette you celebrate a little win. nicorette gum helps calm your cravings and makes you less irritable. quit one cigarette at a time. it's a decision that took many people in netherlands by surprise, queen beatrix is passing the crown to her eldest son. michelle kosinski has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the last abdication was king edward in the 1930s, who gave up
9:46 am
his throne to marry an american. this still surprised people for this mumonarch. queen beatrix and the dutch royal family for generations have been known and beloved as friendly, down to earth, normal. after 30 years on the throne, three days from her 75th birthday, queen bea, as she is called, addressed her country. >> the responsibility must now lie in the hands of a new generation. >> reporter: that would be her son, william alexander, once known as something of a party boy, and whose father was not invited to their wedding, because of ties to a military regime. cried at her wedding, she became part of the family ever since. beatrix second son gave up his claim to the throne when he
9:47 am
married a woman who once had a relationship with a drug lord. skiing accident, avalanche last year left him in a coma. queen beatrix has been flying to london almost every weekend to see him, another emotional upheaval after the death of her husband. both her mother and grandmother gave up their crown. abdi abdications, voluntary or not, have happened throughout the years. to become a catholic, a big scandal. and king edward, to marry a twice-divorced american. one who will not abdicate, it is often said, queen elizabeth, two years away from becoming the longest reigning monarch in british history. >> my whole life, whether it shall be long or short, shall be devoted to your service. >> things do change. people who say things will never happen, i would say to them
9:48 am
never say never. >> reporter: prince charles now is the longest waiting heir to the british throne and could be waiting a long time more. for queen beatrix, it was just the thing to do at the right time. this abdication raised questions about queen elizabeth's future. and can someone still be head of state, say, when they're 100 years old? prince charles recently described himself as an impatient person and says he hopes he lives long enough to do everything he wants to do. back to you guys. >> all right. mi michelle kosinski in london, thank you. coming up next, we will channel our inner gladiators with the stars of "spartacus." first this is "today" on nbc.
9:49 am
9:50 am
intense battles, steamy sex scenes, hot bodies. but enough about the fourth hour. in the gladiator saga
9:51 am
"spartacus" on the starz network, there is plenty of actio action. >> his mind, not seeing you attack in the night as thieves. >> a mistake you shall not make agai again. >> name terms of surrender. let us be done with this. >> there are none that would trust a roman to honor. >> liam mcintyre plays spartacus and the head gladiater trainer, t tyler bell. people love this show. >> i hope so. and you learn stuff, too. >> what do you learn? >> you learn how to disembowel -- no. >> history. >> julius caesar here, you might have heard of him. >> you're a hot julius caesar, a
9:52 am
sexy julius caesar. >> thank you, i appreciate that. >> so i've been told. >> i'm going to agree with you. >> you're dressing up, fighting with swords and stuff. it's going to to be kind of cool. >> it is fun, like a 10-year-old's dream, running around on a set. >> you train these guys. how hard is it to train them? >> it's pretty hard. i make sure that nutrition and training is always on. that's all season long. >> nutrition and training. >> oh, yeah. >> you've got a little routine you can show us? >> yes. >> give our gladiators in training a little workout. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, it's on. >> let's do that. >> hold this. >> okay. >> anything can happen. anything can happen.
9:53 am
>> oh, all right. it's a draw. very nice. >> hurt you? >> no, never. >> on that note, why don't you guys pair up with natalie, tamron and willie? >> no, no, no. >> we're going to do a strike. >> you want to go -- two-handed? all right. it's sort of like swinging a golf club. swinging a golf club. >> to the leg? >> just like that. >> you really are good at this. >> i told you, she's very dangerous. >> do they have women do this? >> yes. >> women gladiators? >> yes. >> you fit in.
9:54 am
>> okay. well, thank you for that. wow! >> your turn, tamron. >> this is sort of a mid slice. >> a mid slice? >> mid slice. >> lie, why don't ywillie, why >> okay. >> you have this. >> i don't have this, but i'll try it. >> come on, tamron. wield that sword. >> it's not slow motion. "spartacus" airs friday night at
9:55 am
good morning to you. police are involved in a hazing investigation in a high school that led to five students being expelled. police say several freshmen football players at st. patrick's vincent high school admitted they committed hazing rituals at the hands of a varsity player during football season. the coach has fired and five of the alleged offenders have been expelled. let's check the weather with rob. >> starting off with high clouds moving from north to south
9:56 am
across the bay area made for that picture perfect sunrise. high pressure moving from the west is going to help pick up the northerly winds. highs today, mostly upper 50s to near 60 in parts of the south bay, low 60s around santa rosa for this afternoon and warming up even more wednesday, thursday, friday. mid-60s around most of the bay area. and the weekend, the big super bowl weekend, partly cloudy sky, cooler. heading into sunday, next chance of rain holding off until monday and tuesday of next week. here's mike. >> it's pretty tough around many parts of the bay right now. right now, the toughest part of the region is the south bay. 101, it's just fine north of 680, but look at the map. just north of the camera shot, it's still slow heading up toward the airport, but that red really draws your attention. this is at north 280, still a crash over there blocking a
9:57 am
lane. north 85, you see that as you're heading up into the mountain view and sunnyville areas. first, let's look at the peninsula and again, the toll plaza and back up almost gone there. wak to you. >> some slow spots to watch. i'll have another update in about half an hour. hope you enjoy your tuesday morning. t ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
9:58 am
♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. from nbc news this is
9:59 am
"today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. so glad you're with us today because it's a boozeless tuesday. yeah, uh-huh. january 29th. >> what is the count? >> good news is somebody says there's only eight days left. yes. next wednesday we are going to have a party. >> it's going to be -- i'm telling you, new year's eve will come. you have to watch the show. we don't know what's happening. it's good. >> we don't know who our guests will be, but they will be happy. in the meantime, today we are going to have a gifforita in honor of my favorite football player in the whole world. it's a salted rim lime-ade. there's frank. i think frank was 26 then. >> can we go back to that picture one more time? that picture is so handsome of frank. i mean, wow. >> i know it. he was truly, truly -- one of the greatest looking men i've ever met.
10:00 am
>> every time i see this picture i say to him when he is standing there, boy, does my timing suck. to which he looks at me and says so does mine. that's the recipe for a happy marriage, people. humor. >> we are in day two of our fun little game show we're playing. we're bringing people in from outside and we're having them spin the wheel that we have over there, and sarah is, like -- >> those people love us out there. >> you could win some prizes. >> we got a crazy crowd out here, guys. they can't wait. >> you know it's important. >> all righty. i know we got you, sarah. >> what a crazy crowd. okay. what's going to happen -- >> they don't care if it's small stuff. we want a enthusiastic one. >> we're going to choose -- we're going to pick a person later in the chat, and we are excited. i think i might have my eye on somebody. >> i bet you do. >> you know what i'm saying? >> she's eyeing you. >> we do want to second out a shout-out to barbara walters who is at the age of 83 suffering
10:01 am
from what we all consider to be a childhood disease of chickenpox, and she's been hospitalized for more than a week. >> you heard that probably -- i guess it was nine days ago she fell down, and there was i think cindy adams said in the new york post today that she actually -- she didn't slip, she fainted. we don't know from barbara, but, anyway, while this was all going on, it turns out that she got the chickenpox, which people say is so rare among even people over 60, so it's got to be one of those things that is -- >> i bet it's painful too. if it's anything like shingles. we send our love to you, barbara. listen, this is a woman who rarely falls, if you know what i'm saying. >> this is one of the more accurate human beings. >> strong like bull. >> she is strong like bull. >> we have a fun segment coming up, and it's called friend-fluence. we have a quote. here it is. you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. >> who are you quoting? >> are you the average -- i can't remember, but it's a
10:02 am
quote. >> it is a non -- >> think about the five people you spend the most time with. you are the average of them. some people say, gosh, my friends are so bitchy, and you say, well, that's why that's your group or sometimes you're with people that -- >> that explains your attitude is basically what you are saying. >> you attract what's within you. you do. >> friends have a huge influence on how you do what you do, what you're like, and sometimes if you have to criticize a friend, if there's something that your friend is doing that's bothering you and you have to say it, it's a hard thing to do if you are a good friend to someone. >> that's the whole point. if you are a good friend, you will find a way to say it. >> in a nice way. >> we use the term loosely. too loosely. >> yeah. >> same way when you use the word love loosely. you know? >> well have a segment on this. we've all had the kind of friend who is doing the same thing throughout our whole life. let's say she keeps hitting the same brick wall. she's dating the same kind of guy over and over and she comes and says, oh, my gosh, i'm heartbroken, but she keeps doing it and doing it.
10:03 am
after a while you keep -- >> they won't take the advice that they've asked you for. if you respect me andment my advice and i'm happy to give it to you, at least try. don't -- you know? um -- oh, shoot. i'll think of it in a second. my own quote, and i can't remember it. if you settle for what you've got, you deserve what you get. i have said that many times. you're settling for this in your life. you're the only one that can make a choice that's different from the choice you keep making, but you keep settling for what ewe got. therefore, nothing you -- you deserve it. you can change things. >> i think it's hard because i surround myself -- a lot of my friends are -- they tell me the truth when it's an important subject, but i think they're cheerleaders, and actually in a world where there are lots of critics and people are always saying something, sometimes you need cheerleaders, someone who will cheer on you and doesn't see the cracks all the time.
10:04 am
>> but a real friend will do both. will do both. you will never feel -- what's so funny about that? >> cracks. they thought some crack humor. >> that's our crew. you want to know -- there's a whole point. show me your friends, and you will show me who you are. >> that's it. >> take a look around. i've always been grateful that my kids for the most part -- a few of cody ae friends in college i'm not crazy about. for the most part they choose great friends. >> the real housewives of beverly hills is -- >> are they real friends, though? >> i don't know. >> let's watch a clip and see if they're real friends. >> you brought up that -- >> i brought that up because she is suing me. >> hold on. >> i want to go back because -- >> because i don't know that you do. >> yeah. but it's nobody's business anyway. why are you -- >> i agree. that's the point, yolanda. >> shhh.
10:05 am
>> i like yolanda. >> she's the voice of reason. >> i just met her downstairs. she is david foster's relatively new wife. they've not been married that long. she's lovely. we've fln david a long, long time. never seen him so happy. she is the voice of reason in all that insanity and botox. >> it's fun to watch this show, and we're going to speak with both of them coming up and to get their take on things because apparently brandi, the one who was scream thering -- >> doublemaker. >> -- was at a book signing yesterday and said something so terrible we can't even say on the air about leann rimes awful out loud. >> good thing she didn't say anything terrible about your book. be grateful for that. i think brandi is coming on our show soon. she has a book out about drunk tweeting. >> there you go. >> who is this kid? >> this is a kid from youtube, and it's a kid who they say will lift you up, will make you feel
10:06 am
inspired. let's look. >> what if michael jordan -- that would make me tired. yeah. he is retired. about br that in high school what if he quit when he didn't make the team? he would have never made space jams, and i love space jams. what will you create? nothing if you keep sitting there. that's why i'm talking to you today. this is your time. this is my time. it's our time. we can make every day better for each other. if we're all on the same team, let's start acting like it. we can cry about it or we can dance about it. i don't know everything. i'm just a kid, but i do know this. let's get to it. >> adorable. >> his name is robbie, and i guess he has three videos now. he is going to be on the earlier hour with tomorrow, hoda woman,
10:07 am
but he also has something called osteogenesis brita -- it's brittle bone disease. he wants to be that active, but maybe he shouldn't. >> he lifts you up. what are you going to sit there, or do something? >> he is precious. >> he is adorable. >> i want my picture taken with him. >> yes, indeed. we have good news for miss alabama. you remember her. she was in the stands. she's the girlfriend of the quarterback of -- >> alabama. >> exactly. >> yeah. >> i can't really remember the game. she became famous for that shot in the stands, and now she's getting another shot at being on tv. >> yes, she's going to be on "the inside edition." >> on the sidelines during the super bowl. >> that was her first day on the job on friday. i remembered it happened that way for pamela anderson. remember she was sitting in the stands and she was wearing some t-shirt, and they stayed on her and her --
10:08 am
>> i'm sure they did. >> for a long time, and as a result hen she got that great -- i mean, she started her whole career. >> that's unbelievable. >> yeah. >> it is time for us to pick someone from outside. >> our people. >> this is for the game we're going to do later in the show. >> okay. >> i got it get the guy going like this. >> wait. which one? >> do it again. >> no. this one. yeah. go. >> let me see. >> get crazy. hoda is picking. look your best. >> i'll take the blonde with the scarf. >> blonde with -- right here? >> yes. >> yeah! >> faceoff, ladies. >> all right, kids. going to be fun. we're going to play a game in just a few minutes. >> all righty. now, it's also time for johnson's baby of the week announcement. >> we're starting something new. in conjunction with johnson's baby, we're celebrating moms everywhere. we are going to feature the newest arrivals right here in our chat, so send us a photo. the birth date and the weight of your baby, and words of wisdom.
10:09 am
the baby has to be, what, eight weeks? it doesn't say. the baby must be eight weeks or under. >> by february 1st. we need all of your entries. go to klg and, and maybe your baby will be on tv. >> everybody thinks they have the most beautiful baby in the world. you know what, they're right. >> yes. every girl needs her friends, but are they always good for you? >> if they're friends like me, hodie, yes, they are. >> you tell me the truth. >> with love. i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic
10:10 am
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10:13 am
note why can't we be friends? >> i love this one. >> i have a question for you. does this dress make my butt look big? >> no. it doesn't. >> you look excellent. >> whether it's how you look or boyfriend advice, sometimes your bff holds back. they say it's to spare your feelings. >> yes. so are you your best friend's worst enemy? carlen is the author of "friendfluence. she's here with joyce chang who is cosmopolitan's executive editor. >> hoda and i disagree on this a little bet. don't we? >> i think part of it is we want our friends to cheer us on, but we also want to know the truth, and i think that there's a fine line -- >> or do we want to know the truth? >> should you tell your friends the truth? >> there's a fine line. i mean, the friendships are so powerful, and your words are so powerful, and as a good friend it's hard to navigate that balance, but i think it's important if you are truly a
10:14 am
good friend you say the things that your friend needs to hear, but from the right place. >> it's how you say it. >> it's so how you say it. >> a good friend is supportive most of the time, but she'll occasionally have a more difficult conversation with you, which you can really learn from if you are open from it. don't be cruel. ask her questions that allow her to sort of talk about herself rather than being blunt. >> your friend has a boyfriend who is like all the other boyfriends she's ever had. >> just as bad as the last one. >> she's crying and telling you, oh, what a terrible thing. what is the right thing for a good friend to say to her? >> i think a good friend says, you know, i feel like you've been unhappy before in your relationships. do you think there's -- >> do you think there's a pattern? >> what is the pattern here? what type of man are you falling for? is that the right type of person for you? >> why do you think you're crying. why do you think it's not working? make them answer their own questions. >> then it sounds like you're interviewing them. >> there's a fine line how to do that. >> i think the first time it's
10:15 am
one kind of a conversation. the tenth time it's got to be a different kind of conversation. just like parenting in a weird way. first time your child does something it's a little no, no, no, we're not going to do it again, but the time they've done it a tenth time you have a different conversation. >> should you just take some -- should certain friends be sort of put on the sidelines? should you -- >> she means -- >> break up with friends? >> well, i mean, friendship is a two-way street, and you have to be getting something positive from the friendship too, and if your friendship becomes dominated by the same problem over and over again and you have had the conversation and you've tried to get her, you know, to come to a place to realize what she needs to realize in order to get herself out of her own sort of pickle, maybe it's time to reconsider, you know, is she really the right kind of friend for you? how much time in your day do you have for this? >> a lot of girls have competitive friends like you get your haircut, they get theirs. they light like theirs better. you lose five pounds. they lose eight pounds. what's the right way to navigate that kind of friendship? sometimes they're good friends minus that trait. >> right.
10:16 am
friends are powerful influence, and you have to realize when it's a bad influence and when it's a good influence. i think you know overall if a friend is supportive and really cares about you versus that friend who is consistently undermining you and not really supporting the core of who you are and your identity. >> what goes in comes out. say you're around a negative person all the time. that negativity is going to seep into you and it's just -- it will. >> you have to make sure you have plenty of positive friends and maybe have that one friend who is a little negative and she offers something else, so that's okay. >> funny. >> you know, you want positive friends overall. the flip side of this, speaking of the two-way street, is that you have to be open to criticism from your friends because they can see patterns that you can't see. >> let them know it's because you love them that you're doing it. >> okay, ladies. thank you for coming on and joining us. >> they don't like each other at all. >> all right. they were plucked off the plaza. >> oh, they are. >> which game are we going to play? >> we'll find out later. >> calling all the single
10:17 am
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10:20 am
>> time for sarah in the city where she goes out on the street of new york city. >> this week we have a juicy one. >> we do. >> group dates. >> that's right. for all of you single people out there and looking to lock down a date before valentine's day, this could be the solution for you. it's called grouper, and it's an on-line social club that arranges group dates between friends. >> it starts with a few clicks of the mouse and $20 later a new grouper member is born. michael waxman is the ceo of grouper. >> grouper is a social club that
10:21 am
sets up drinks between two groups of friends. three guys and three girls. >> joining through facebook, grouper members sign up with two friends for a group date. >> so i'm going on my first grouper tonight. any tips for a first-timer? >> go into it with an open mind and just, you know, excitement about coming up with -- or making a great story out of the night. you're not going to be disappointed. >> grouper e-mailed me the time and place. gram arsy in manhattan. it's time to grab my friends and go. >> sarah, i'm 23, and i like watching football and sitting with a cold beer. >> hi, i'm britney. i'm 25. i love long walks on the coast of maine. >> let's go. >> we were excited to see four companions for the evening. enter derek, rob, and mike. it started off with the usual introductions. >> wait. no, no, no. i have to -- yeah. >> then the drinks started flowing and things seemed to
10:22 am
pick up. so what happens if all three guys like the same girl? >> second a text message under the table. like, rob, got this one. then you just sort it out. >> i don't see any phones out. i'm just saying. >> i felt pretty confident that we were all on the seam page. >> zero to ten, i would give her a 17. >> they're good guys. they're all from jersey. i've never been to jersey. do i want to go after this? no. >> i think so far the girls are doing really well. sarah needs to talk a little more. >> i think [ bleep ], you know? can i say that? >> sarah is extremely socially awkward, and it works well because you can just playoff of its weirdness. >> at least one more, but see what happens. >> i usually don't turn down a round of drinks. >> i'm probably going to say that water sounds amazing right now and that i won't be out
10:23 am
late. >> what happened? >> it was a fun group. yeah. it was one of those things. sarah is definitely going to get to jersey eventually. maybe not with those guys. >> i love the idea. >> it takes the pressure off zoosh i love it. thanks. that was fun. >> who picks up the tab at the end? >> i think the boys should, but i left early. >> good girl. >> hoda. >> hollywood power couple on and off screen. we'll talk to grammy winner david foster and his wonderful real housewife yolanda foster. >> we are going to make a mock-tail for the super bowl. >> oh, god. >> the music is burning up the charts. you got to listen to the scottish singing -- ♪ digiorno? or delivery? ♪ digiorno. taste for yourself why the shortest distance between you and a delicious, fresh-baked pizza,
10:24 am
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10:25 am
. good morning. i want to catch you up on our 49ers news. there's a dessert that will let the 49ers have their cake and eat it, too. and what could be sweeter thap than a cake in the shape of colin kaepernick's tattooed buy accept. the niners are givings a look at their trip to new orleans through social media. these are snapshots taken by chad hall as the team had some
10:26 am
dinner in the french quarter. the caption, maybe the best corn bread i have ever had. we'll take a look at the forecast and check the roads after the break.
10:27 am
high clouds blocking the sun at times filtering the sunshine as we head through the afternoon. upper 50s to low 60s with northwest winds 10 to 20 mile es per hour. the winds hint at high pressure building in, which means warmer temperatures the next couple of
10:28 am
days towards thursday and friday. maybe even near 70 around santa cruz as you head towards friday afternoon. >> looking over here, fremont, the south bay, where traffic moves very smoothly. this is 280 as you're coming up past the 17 interchange. let's move the camera. we show a smooth drive there, some hazy skies, but the slowdown not so much for 280, but now 101 to the new great america parkway. a little slowing there and toward el kai my know, still slow. back to you. >> more on the day's top stories come up in just 30 minutes. ♪ you're the meaning in my life ♪ >> welcome back to "today" on this boozeless tuesday.
10:29 am
you may recognize the hit song by chicago. one of the many songs. should be 18 time grammy award winner. nobody cares. by the time you see this, he will have won two more. >> he is behind some of the biggest names in music. from everybody from celine dion to michael buble, and now he is on reality tv with his wonderful wife, yolanda foster. she is the newest housewife on "the real housewives of beverly hills." >> you went right in the weeds with all these housewives. you got in the muck with them, huh? >> i jumped in. >> how has that been? you seem to us to be like the voice of reason. we watch insanity, and -- >> the classy, sane one. >> i wasn't sure if i was going to be either really boring or come -- you know, come out as the voice of reason, and that's exactly what i wanted to be going in. obviously the women choose a different way of communicating than i do, which is fine, but so
10:30 am
far so good, you know? >> when you hear some of the stuff that the people are saying, like yesterday there was some news made because brandi was at a book signing and she said of leann rimes she should go blank herself because no one else will. something like that. when you hear those kinds of things going between housewives, what do you think? >> i mean, i don't agree with it, and i think that she would be a lot more powerful if she would just zip it and just, you know, walk her walk and -- >> but it wouldn't make for great tv is the problem, right? >> exactly, you know. that's the fascinating thing. people tune in because they love to see that. >> train wrecks. >> did you want yolanda to be a part of this? you have been through this before. you know how tough it can be. >> yolanda has a purpose. she has a goal. it's a fwraet way to get your name out there, and the kids are older, and she wants to get herself out there. she's got great ideas. she's a great homemaker, and she thought that was a good platform. can you imagine saying no, you can't? i wouldn't do that. >> well, at your house, i
10:31 am
remember all the housewives came, and there was a lot of singing, and you were playing the piano, and even in that beautiful setting with that beautiful music, still people were fighting. about god knows what. >> yeah. >> what do you make -- >> i had never met them before. >> he was just trying to support me and, you know, what i do, and all of a sudden you have, you know, taylor going at him, and he is just like -- >> i called her the wrong name. i never hit her before. i called her kim, and that made her mad. i never met her before. >> oh, my god. >> i wasn't trying to be mean. >> when you watch the show -- do you watch the show? you do. do you see the woman you love? is that the same person we're seeing on the air? >> absolutely. yoland ais great at giving advice. we have a big blended family. she gives great advice, and that's her role on the show, and you can't mess with her. nobody is going to bring her down on this show. >> you guys have such a connect even just sitting here looking at you two together. what is it about -- tell us a little about this romance.
10:32 am
>> you know, i always say it took me 42 years to find him. we've been together now, what, six and a half years, seven years almost, and, you know, it's a blessing, every day. you know, people -- the women say how can you make him your king? he is my king, and i love catering to my husband, and i love taking care of him. >> no matter who the man is, they love that. don't they? >> because if that happens, then you want to be -- respond and take care of them. >> you have had a lot of -- >> experience. practicing. >> practicing. >> she had another goal. yolanda has a goal. >> my goal is i want to be married to him longer than any of his exwives. >> together. >> that's going to be hard. i can do 21 years. i think we can make it. that's why he is in great shape. he has lost a lot of weight. i have him exercising and healthy food. lots of love. >> i have known david forever, and i have never seen him so happy. >> no, but it's true. you know, in a relationship as you get older, as you probably well know, you want to get to
10:33 am
that -- no, but you -- >> right is right. >> you want to just, you know, get along. fighting and arguing is -- i just want peace of mind. we don't argue, but we're still madly in love, and it's fantastic. >> you have been battling lime disease for the last five months. >> for five months. actually while i was shooting the show i was really, really sick, and az watched myself, i'm, like, okay, girl, get to the point because i had such tremendous brain -- you know, brain fog. >> but you're doing well now? >> it's her first day out today. she's been in bed five months. >> congratulations. "real housewives of beverly hills" airs monday 9:00, 8:00 central on bravo. >> eight more days to go until we can drink. >> hoda is so excited. >> i can't wait. we have to have mocktails to do. >> it gets easier. ♪ na na na na na ♪ i woke up to a new day ♪ every little thing gonna go my way ♪ ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪
10:34 am
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10:37 am
>> it is day 22 of no drinking for a month on tv. >> if you have given up liquor like we have on tv, but don't want to feel left out of the big super bowl weekend, we've got some delicious mocktails and a score with your friends. >> care is the food and
10:38 am
entertaining editor for "ladies home journal." they put us up to it. >> you're doing so well. >> she cheated. >> eight to go. >> eight to go. >> we're counting. >> it looks like wine. it tastes like wine. but it's dealcoholized. i want you to taste it. taste your chardonnay. i have a red one for you. all they do is bottle nonalcoholic. no faces. it's a lovely alternative. >> taste it. >> not quite. >> okay. >> so it's, it comes in all the varietals of regular wine. can you get your zinfendel and rose. it's a great way. very affordable. if you are worried about price point. okay. super bowl is coming up. we're going to go into mocktails and have fun. we have -- >> it's a take on a margarita. >> i bet you could make a gifftini if you wanted to. >> you know how to rim the glass? okay. you do.
10:39 am
see this happen. >> hoda has had a lot of experience. >> rub a lime around the edge. >> she needs to do it mostly naked in front of her window. >> you know i'm paranoid now. >> that you said it, and rightfully so. >> i told you. she's excellent at it. >> beautiful. we have sugar and salt mixed in there. this is kind of a salty limeade. here's a little -- >> gifforita. >> all the calories and no punch. >> you don't have to have the sauce to have fun. it's just flavorful. >> that's actually great. that's good. >> when you are at a party, you kind of want to have alternatives for those designated drivers. >> an awful lot of people are on aa. you want to have something for them. >> super bowl party is a long day, so you want to have alternatives for people that need to stop drinking. >> you're right. smart, sarah. >> so it's super bowl in new orleans this year. you can pay tribute to your
10:40 am
favorite city. this is a hurricane. >> hurricane. >> and it's passion fruit juice and lime and a little grenadine to give it the beautiful pink color. look at that. so want to talk about cocktail glasses, and you can have mocktails and still serve them in the fun glasses. a little trivia. hurricanes are named after the glass because they have the shape of a hurricane lamp. that's the history behind it. >> oh. >> i never heard that. i lived in new orleans for years. >> she also doesn't know the baby in the cake -- >> now you have a little history. you recognize this. we're calling it a hail mary. it's our take on the bloody mary. football season going. i know. it's the touch that we're changing. that is a slim jim. it goes with all your football snacks. add your celery, slim jim. >> that is nasty. i mean -- >> what we've done here -- we've taken out the tobasco and twisted it up zoosh i knew there was something missing. >> we added a little thai hot
10:41 am
sauce. >> okay. >> it's a twist on that. should be delicious. >> what is this going to be? >> this is our no heato mow mojito. you got giffortini or whatever it is. >> you can pick a favorite. >> we made this just the same as a regular mocktail. you muddle the mint with the sugar and ice, and it's delicious. >> why don't you show us. >> now, this is something fun. look at this ice cube. look at this. it's a football made -- >> i love that. >> you just don't want to fumble this football. it's a little messy. >> putting your super bowl pumplg. this is pear, neck tar, apple juice, a little lemon. >> you might like this, hode. >> goes with all your super bowl. >> i like that. i like that. that's all great. >> we ended on a good note. >> okay. come back next week for a real
10:42 am
party. >> all right. she's burning up the charts in great britain, and she is in our studio for the first time. >> a performance by emile sande. i think it's sande. isn't it? >> i think so. >> right after this. [ female announcer ] this test paper behaves like the surface of your skin. now watch what soap does to it. ♪ if soap breaks down this paper, just imagine what it's doing to your skin. soap strips your skin. dove is different. ♪ with 1/4 moisturizing cream, dove doesn't strip your skin like soap. ♪ dove doesn't strip your skin like soap. a lipstain with wet shine! lipcolor... l'oreal creates caresse wet shine stain: the light weight formula delivers lasting color plus shine with 30% water. it's the wet look for my lips.
10:43 am
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10:46 am
>> i to the oat concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> we're back with a singer songwriter who is a huge success in britain at 24 years old. >> she's currently touring the united states, and she's performing a song off her latest album, our version of events. give it up for emile sande. she's singing "my kind of love." ♪ ♪ i can't buy your love don't even wanna try ♪
10:47 am
♪ sometimes the truth won't make you happy so i'm not gonna lie ♪ ♪ but don't ever question if my heart beats only for you it beats only for you ♪ ♪ i know i'm far from perfect nothing like your entourage ♪ ♪ i can't grant you any wishes i won't promise you the stars ♪ ♪ don't ever question if my heart beats only for you it beats only for you ♪ ♪ cause when you've given up when no matter what you do it's never good enough ♪ ♪ when you never thought that it could ever get this tough that's when you feel my kind of love ♪ ♪ and when you're crying out
10:48 am
when you fall and then can't pick your happy off the ground when the friends you thought you had haven't stuck around ♪ ♪ that's when you feel my kind of love ♪ ♪ you won't see me at the parties i guess i'm just no fun i won't be turning up the radio singing "baby you're the one" ♪ ♪ but don't ever question if my heart beats only for you it beats only for you ♪ ♪ i know sometimes i get angry and i say what i don't mean i know i keep my heart protected far away from my sleeve ♪ ♪ but don't ever question if my heart beats only for you
10:49 am
it beats only for you ♪ ♪ cause when you've given up when no matter what you do it's never good enough when you never thought that it could ever get this tough that's when you feel my kind of love ♪ ♪ and when you're crying out when you fall and then can't pick your happy off the ground when the friends you thought you had haven't stuck around ♪ ♪ that's when you feel my kind of love ♪ ♪ cause when you've gin up when no matter what you do it's never good enough when you never thought that it
10:50 am
could ever get this tough that's when you feel my kind of love ♪ >> oh, yeah. come on now. >> emile sande. all right. we're getting our game on. >> oh, yes, we are. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
>> all right. it's time to play get your game on, but we pick two lucky people off the plaza to come inside and have a little fun with us. let's meet the contestants and find out what they're going to play, sarah. >> we got larry. we've got ashley. >> ashley! ashley! >> today we're playing mad skills that will test your skills at making a house out of a deck of cards. get creative and crazy. i'm the judge at the end.
10:54 am
60 seconds on the clock. go. >> go, larry. ♪ >> okay. keep working. okay. >> okie-dokie. we are ten seconds in. i'm seeing some progress made. >> where? >> not on your table. >> keep going. wait. i got this one. >> e for effort? or is it an a? we're going to stick with e over here. >> ours is a condo. >> one card down. this is getting exciting. >> we'll disconnect them. >> a lot of strategy going on here. okay. okay. we're at 20 seconds, people. >> this is -- >> wait. >> hoda raise your game. >> what do you mean? what's happening? what's happening over there? >> larry. >> don't screw this up. >> i'm shaking. >> go ahead. >> ashley.
10:55 am
>> three seconds. oh! >> no, no. >> oh. wait, wait, wait. >> what? >> i would have to say that the winner right now -- they have four condos, but this one is a little more creative, so i'm going to go with kathie lee's. >> there's cheating going on. >> come here. come here. hey, look. i want you to look. >> these are the entire decks. right? >> thank you. >> thinking outside of the box. >> we have a couple of great guests tomorrow. guess who is coming? michael bolton and liza minnelli. >> bye-bye, everybody. take care. >> how did we lose?
10:56 am
10:57 am
10:58 am
good morning and thanks for being with us.
10:59 am
>> good morning, everybody. and yes, that quest for six continues. today is the biggest day for people like you and me, of course all of us in the media. no question, one of the wildest days during the year. >> yeah, and it's named what else? media day. thousand of media members all come together with the star members of the two super bowl teams. the players sit at their own podiums and answer hundreds of questions and anything and everything, how fun. including some unconventional ones. >> what song? whatever's next on my ipod. >> you learned in college here now? >> a lot of what i learned in college, you pretty much just take that with you when you go to the nfl and i still do some of the things that i did in college like as far as staying in the weight room like colin


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